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Deodorise & Sanitise

Odor Smell and Germ Removal

Most home occupants don’t notice the smell or odor within their dwelling, either because they are immune to the small or choose to ignore it. Deodorise & sanitise options are often not there.

Sometimes a home occupant may do a simply but temporary fix to mask the odor problem with a better smell.

On the other hand most visitors who do smell the odor, will choose to not bring the sanitary issue up, as this can be very embarrassing to all.

Carpet acts as a big sink hole deodorizing absorbing odors to a point, which helps for a while. Upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning will be a significant step towards household odors. However if there has been pets, smokers or other odor sources, as a result, cleaning alone will likely not be enough. Sometime deodorise and sanitise treatments are needed to remove the odor.

If you’re tired of unwanted smells around your house,  want carpet & upholstery to be cleaner, safer, and healthier? Our highly advanced carpet cleaners, also, odor deodorizers and sanitisation technicians can get rid of smells permanently. It is part of that process in using a germicide to sanitise for long term if not, permanent results.

Whether the smell odor is from pets, smoke, musty, undry carpet or even mold and mildew removal, Auckland Steam n Dry have a deodorise solution for it.

From basic germicide applications to ozone machine hire, replacing underlay in pet urine areas, we can remove the odor, therefore, germs to sanitize your home.

Deodorize and Sanitize Price List

$5 per room for odor ban application which is both a deodorising and basic sanitisation treatment.

$10 per room for anti microbial germ application. This is a sanitisation treatment that specifically targets all odor smells.

$75 per day for our giant Ozone machine hire for more serious odors. Such as, smoke smell, pet urine smell and also mold. Moisture testing ican be done, therfore, your home is below Auckland Council guidelines. It both deodorises and sanitises very effectively, so, often with a guarranty.

$99 per urine infected area where uplifted the carpet, while, replacing the underlay is required, together with carpet cleaning, anti microbial germ, and, odor control deodorise application. This targets specific areas known to have pet urine contamination smell odors.

Our deodorise processes are, first of all,  safe to remove common odors like:

Common Odors

checkmark Oil.
checkmark Mildew.
checkmark Sewage.
checkmark Urine.
checkmark Skunk.
checkmark Smoke.
checkmark Pet smells.
checkmark Musty odors and more.

Cleaning, Sanitise and Deodorising Carpet for Health

Carpet acts as a big sink hole it filters harmful germs, odors, pests, pollution, furthermore, smell which affects the indoor air quality.  Odors which you and your family have to breath. This is important in Auckland where we spend 90% of our time inside. Indoor air quality experts and other health specialists show the link from dirty carpets to “sick home syndrome”.  As once a carpet looks dirty its, also, smelly. Also, really filthy, a filthy, odor smell carpet is a serious health risk in your home or work place. See USA (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency.

Carpet Cleaning Benefits, Clean carpet helps keep your family health. Having a regular carpet cleaning will in effect remove those germs, so, improve your health.

There is a wide range of services from which to choose to deodorise sanitise, and, keep your carpets good.

You either can seek the services of a odor smell and germ removal company just like us, the Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners in Auckland, to carry out these odor smell removing jobs for you or you can choose to perform them yourself. A professional carpet cleaning service is good to removing a lot of germ, smell odors, therefore, helping you save both money, and, time.

Refer to Auckland Steam n Dry’s feedback reviews. These smell odor removal and sanitise tips are provided to you from Graeme Stephens an IICRC 2001 Master Restoration Technician.  Servicing North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City. To help you best keep your home odor free, also, save on unnecessary germ health issues. For the deodorize and sanitise experts, call 0800 783-266, or email Auckland Steam n Dry.

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