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Dry Carpet

carpet-drying-flood-aucklandCarpet Drying

24/7, One Hour Emergency Flood Restoration Auckland Wide: 0800 783 266

Our flood specialist Graeme Stephens is the most experienced flood restoration technician in Auckland, also, New Zealand.  He has been Auckland Steam n Dry carpet full time flood, and, dry carpet specialist for over 30 years. In addition, Graeme is a IICRC certified as “Master Restoration Technician 2001”.

For the Auckland Flood experts, call 0800 783-266, or email Auckland Steam n Dry ASAP.

Auckland Flood Carpet Drying Professionals 

We will help you through the insurance process as your ally, when you called us direct.

Flood and Dry Carpet Auckland Prices

Whilst some operators advertise some prices as cheap as Auckland Steam n Dry carpet. Yet, the performance of items such as industrial dehumidifiers are actually only half the performance in compassion for the same price as ours. We therefore suggest you compare value per price, so you can make a informed decision. Auckland Steam n Dry offer the best cheapest value for money flood restoration and carpet drying Auckland service.

Fast Flood Response Essential
Why is Quality Drying Equipment Essential to Me
Qualified Technician Essential to Me
Its Essential to Properly Dry Carpet at Your Premises
Water Damage Health Hazards
You Should Use Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet
24/7 Emergency Drying Carpet Service

Flood FAQ

Emergency Flood Service

Every minute you wait the damage spreads. In addition, the wet carpet will soak into skirting boards, walls, sub floor, and, furnishings. Within hours, you will likely have costly secondary damage risks.  As a result, this could cause moldy wall cavities, also, a future, long term musty smelling home. Flood remedial companies choosing to provide this structural and carpet drying service should, be on, call 24 hours a day, and, 7 days a week.  As is, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet Auckland flood drying specialists.  Call 0800 783 266 for a prompt carpet drying Auckland service.

Auckland Dry Carpet Service

Auckland Steam n Dry carpet flood service provides, a one hour emergency flood service, 24/7.  Most of all, we have the specialized cheap value large 80 – 115 liter per day capacity industrial dehumidifiers, believed to be the largest, most effective dehumidifier Carpet dryers in Auckland. Therefore, promptly dry and to best minimize the water damage.  Auckland Steam n Dry provide cheap flooded carpeting, also, dry carpet Auckland services in North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.
Another reason to book flood carpet drying quickly is to have expert professional flood drying advice immediately.

Auckland Steam n Dry has highly trained office staff, who can really help.  Most of them have on site flooding job experience, so, can give you good advise.

Our Auckland carpet drying flood experts, will, help you quickly deal with a wet carpet flood, and, can deal directly with your insurance company. Especially relevant, with over 30 years experience in carpet drying Auckland wide restoration industry. We will help you through the insurance process as your allies, if you called us direct. Back to Top

Quality Flood Drying Equipment

Moisture Probes.  Assess the flood damage, such as, under carpet, sub flooring, and, walls.

Moisture Meters (infra red).  Required to assess with the degree of moisture in walls and behind wall cavities were mold a mildew can start smelling.

Industrial Dehumidifier.  Ask suppliers what their dehumidifier rental daily capacity vs cost is.  Auckland Steam n Dry carpet large industrial dehumidifier’s are 80 – 115 liter per day capacity, so, to promptly, thoroughly dry carpet Auckland, and, structure properly. As recommended by all the worlds largest carpet manufactures .   Dehumidifier rental $75 per day.

Air Mover Dryers. For fast carpet drying Auckland wide, either, blow dry under, or, on top of glued carpet after flooded, to blow the moisture out of carpet into the air.  Air mover carpet dryer hire, is, $25 per day.

Structural Injector Dry.  To dry structure. We take your skirting boards off, and, therefore, drill holes behind the skirting boards, to enable this machine to quickly dry behind the walls. $99 per room.

How Long Will it Be Before the Carpet Drying is Complete.

This depends on many scenarios such as wet carpet, underlay, sub floor, skirting boards, walls, and, structure. We use moisture meters to find, most of all, monitor the moisture in walls etc, to insure fast carpet drying Auckland wide. The general rule of the thumb time table, is:

3 days – Drying Carpet only.

4 days – Underlay and carpet drying.

5 days – Sub flooring, walls, underlay drying carpet, and, perforated ceilings.

7 days – For significantly affected structure, or, double stuck installations. (May need to injector dry wall structure).

 Service areas East, North Shore, West, South Auckland City.

Why Dry Carpet Properly

It is important to allow the carpet drying to complete satisfactory to below Auckland Council Moisture guidelines tested with a moisture meter.  If not dried properly, it will, likely create a long term unhealthy, and, musty mold smell from black mold grown within the buildings structure. Refer to use by the USA (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency recommendations. Black mold is very bad for health.   Also, wooden sub floor and structure root damage. Servicing North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.

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Professional Carpet Drying

The flood drying carpet technician, should have lots of experience,also,  qualified to best save you costs and give you the best advise. Auckland Steam n Dry carpet carpet drying Auckland, flood restoration specialist.  Graeme Stephens has, also, been our carpet drying Auckland specialist for over 30 years. Furthermore, a 2001 IICRC certified “Master Restoration Technician”.

By having this carpet drying Auckland wide restoration knowledge.  He should be able to quickly assess the flooding, and to secure the surrounding areas, from the often neglected secondary damage risks. Eight of Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry technicians have been train to international standards in, “flood drying carpet”. This can be an out of sight problem, such as, behind walls.  So, you need to make sure your carpet drying Auckland wide team, can deal with it.

We can identify where different types of mold can strike.  Then deal with it.  Such as, with a damp basement leak problem. We will help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct.   Some of the worst, and, most of all, health issues can come from sewage problems.  So it’s vital whoever you call can deal with it properly. The clean up, and, disinfection process is not a pleasant undertaking. We provide expert drying carpet flood. Auckland Steam n Dry carpet, quickly handle insurance billing. We understand that when it comes to this types of flooding. Providing quick drying carpet service is important. Back to Top

Dry Carpet

Professional proper carpet dryers is essential. This will result in your carpet rotting, so, rapidly prematurely breaking down without professional carpet drying Auckland.  We would generally do a truck mount moisture extraction, dehumidifier rental, and, air mover carpet dryers for a fast dry.  Also, fungus and mold will smell terrible and affect breathing, so carpet drying Auckland properly. See Auckland Steam n Dry’s flood Auckland reviews. We will help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct. If response is prompt. Then we do the carpet cleaning Servicing areas include North Shore, East, West and South Auckland City.  Back to Top

Flood Health Hazards

The Type of water that has affected the flood – The types of water are:

  • Clean Water (Category 1) This is newly flooded sanitary water, so, does not pose health risks.
  • Grey Water (Category 2) This is water that is either 3 days old or not entirely clean, so, pose some risk such as dishwasher, and, washing machine water.
  • Black Water (Category 3) Contaminated water which can contain pathogens. For example, sewage, toilet back flows, and, seawater. In germ treated (We get rid of the germs).
  • The area of flooded carpet Auckland can be restored completely. Drying using dehumidifier rental, also,  air mover flood dryers.
  • The flood can then be treated for germs, then cleaned again.  
  • Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaners use the best, largest superior truck mount steam carpet cleaning Auckland wide.Your carpets acts as a big sink hole, it filters everything, including harmful germ, pests, pollution, also, smell odor. Which affects the indoor air quality which you, and, your family have to breath.Back to Top
Why Use Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Flood Services

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is your one stop shop we have all the gear. Therefore, we do it all. Carpet drying Auckland, structure dry, drying, water damage repairs, uplift, and, carpet relay.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is your ally when it comes to carpet drying Auckland restoration. We have drying gear, such as: Industrial dehumidifier rentals, air movers, ozone units.  air scrubbers, flood dryers, also, water extractors.  All delivered, and, installed at your flood job site.
The advantages of dealing with the largest dry carpet Auckland wide, is, as follows:

1. Largest Stock of carpet dryers. We currently stock 446 Carpet  dryers, 250 large Dehumidifiers, in addition, to  217 Carpet dryers Hangers. Mostly, in Auckland Steam n Dry carpet 60,00 square meter factory. We can handle 500 floods at one time.

2. Staff. We currently employ 29 staff.  Including: carpet layers, builders, also, certified flood technicians. This amount of staff, therefore, enables us to immediately respond to a flood emergency. Also, remain professional throughout the flood Auckland wide.

3. Complete Flood Service. Therefore, means less hassles for you. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet will provide all your flood, either, structural, also, carpet drying needs.

4. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry. Is a full house service flood drying and remedial company.  Servicing Auckland since 1987. We take pride in the excellent reputation.  we have earned a honesty, and, quality service.   Servicing North Shore, South Auckland City, West, East areas.

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Flood FAQ

Can I use my own dehumidifier.  A small home dehumidifier will not get the relative humidity low enough, so, draw the moisture out of walls, structure, flooring, also, carpeting.

Lift Carpet?  Carpet that has underlay should be lifted in corners to fit carpet dryers under to dry the sub flooring, especially relevant, behind skirting boards.

Will the Sub flooring, and, Walls Dry. Auckland Steam n Dry carpet Large dehumidifier rental units, are powerful enough to draw out the moisture from hard surfaces walls, also, either, sub floor concrete or wood.

Can I claim Insurance. You can if the floods caused by an accident, so, not caused by neglect. We will help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct.

Will my carpet dry by itself.  No. carpet particularly with underlay sitting on a flat surface cannot dry without specialized carpet dryers installed correctly.

Other FAQ flood dryingBack to Top

To best insure, that, you will not have any future unhealthy long term mold, mildew or smell problems.  Once the walls, structure, and, carpet drying is complete, we do moisture tests. To dry below Auckland Council guidelines, upon completion.  To book your emergency flood and dry carpet Auckland service, phone 0800 783-266, or, email today.

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