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Since 1987 Auckland Steam n Dry offers professional carpet cleaner services for both residential and commercial properties in Auckland.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. You deserve to be comfortable in it, and your family expects to be healthy and safe in your home. At Auckland Steam n Dry, our carpet cleaning technicians take pride in having the most up to date cleaning techniques and equipment. Our carpet cleaning process is the most advanced possible.

For the Auckland Carpet Cleaner professionals, call us on  0800 783-266, or email Auckland Steam n Dry.

Carpet Steam Cleaner Auckland

Steam cleaning is a technique of cleaning that does include liquid, with very short drying time. A truck mount cleaner or portable steam cleaner, will, therefore, spray extremely hot water into your carpet. The more highly effective the equipment, the much deeper the carpet clean. As a result, its water loosens gunk, debris, dust mites and great deals of various other irritants. The carpet cleaning vacuum then sucks up the water and loosened particles.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner

The most effective carpet cleaning method in the world today is using larger truck mount units. Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaners recommend and use the largest powerful truck mount units. Additionally, most of the carpet producers recommended this. This truck mounts carpet cleaner is mild on your carpets and area rugs.  Other cleaner agents are not made use of at the same time. This is a very reliable carpet cleaning method. It can take out dirt from deeper within the carpeting, rather than; various other techniques that just clean the surface area. Furthermore, dirt tends to wicks back up after those types of cleans.

Dry Chem Carpet Cleaners

A quality Auckland carpet cleaning should be equipped with a variety of cleaning equipment, including; Truck mount, portable steam cleaner and also, dry carpet cleaning gear. These look like a floor buffer. It’s a big round pad that looks like a vacuum. This is not a method of dry cleaning. Since, either, the pad is soaked in a cleaner solution, or, the solution is lightly sprayed onto the carpets. The cleaner remedy attracts dirt and deposit. This method of cleaning is very quick, and, depending upon just how much remedy the technician makes use of. So, the drying time can be fairly quick (from one to a few hours).

Dry Compound Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

One Auckland carpet cleaners method, that does not make use of any type of liquid, and, is good for carpets and area rugs that could not tolerate, either,  water or cleaning agent. In this method often referred to as encapsulation cleaner. this clean technique will clean some surface areas of carpets, it is, not as effective as steam cleaner especially not the truck mount steam cleaner.

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