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Professional Carpet Cleaner Methods

Since 1987, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaners offer professional truck-mounted carpet cleaning services. For both residential and commercial properties services in West, North Shore East West South Auckland & sanitisation disinfecting. To make your carpet cleaner.

Your home is probably the most significant investments you will make in your life. You deserve to be comfortable in it, and your family expects to be healthy and safe in your home. At Auckland Steam n Dry, our carpet cleaning technicians take pride in having the most up to date cleaning techniques and equipment. Our carpet cleaning process is the most advanced possible.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Auckland

Are you looking for a professional carpet cleaning company that will get the clean job done, right? Well, you’ve found some of the most experienced carpet and upholstery cleaners in Auckland. We offer carpet cleaning services that never fear! Our Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaner Auckland work is high quality, guaranteed!
Carpet cleaners all use some form of equipment will inevitably need to be used to achieve the desired end goals, but there’s not just a single option; there are many. A truck-mounted carpet cleaner is one such option that firms are specialising in carpet cleaning in West, North Shore East West South Auckland & Viral Disinfecting.  Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaners Services make use of to restore the appearance of their clients’ carpets and prolong their lifespan. Truck mount generally does between 3-7 times better job than smaller portable machines due to the bigger and better performance.
Have you got a soil or stain problem with your carpet, fabric, or upholstery? Can help! Your carpets will be spotless. Steam cleaning, flood drying, repairing, and disinfecting – if it has to do with your carpets or upholstery, we’ve got you covered.

Hot Steam Carpet Cleaners Auckland

Hot steam water extraction, carpet cleaning method is a proven and reliable method recommended by carpet manufacturers. Hot Steam Extraction carpet cleaning is a technique of cleaning that does include liquid, with short drying time. A truck mount cleaner or portable steam cleaner, will, therefore, spray hot water into your carpet. The more active the equipment, the much deeper the carpet clean. As a result, its water loosens gunk, debris, dust mites, and great deals of various other irritants. The carpet cleaning vacuum then sucks up the water and loosened particles to make your carpet cleaner.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaner

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaner technicians utilise a truck-mounted deep hot steam water extraction system, the most effective carpet cleaning method at removing stains, germs, allergens, viruses, dirt, and other contaminants from your carpeting. The Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaners extensive state-of-the-art truck-mounted steam cleaner system provides us with everything we need to restore clean your carpets, including clean hot water.  Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaner Auckland services, the advanced system uses the latest deep cleaning methods to extract dirt from deep inside your carpet fibres, which will leave your carpets healthier, looking and smelling fresh. 

The most effective carpet cleaning method in the world today is using larger truck mount units. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry recommends and uses the most astronomical powerful truck mount units. Additionally, While similar handheld units exist, nothing compares to the powerful vacuum featured on the Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaner system. Just about all of the worlds carpet producers recommended this method. It can take out dirt from deeper within the carpets. Furthermore, soil tends to wicks back up after other weaker types of carpet cleaning. The additional benefit of using superior truck-mounted carpet cleaning Auckland services is that your carpets dry much quicker than traditional cleaners methods, ultimately preventing mould, and underlay damage.

Portable Carpet cleaners

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaners, use truck-mounted hot steam cleaning equipment where possible. Thus, it is the most powerful in Auckland, and we are confident that you will be amazed by the capabilities of our extremely highly powered carpet cleaning machines.

Apartment Carpet Cleaning. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems provide the best possible carpet cleaning, but they have limitations. The van containing the cleaning machine has to stay on the street, so if located above the second floor, you have to settle for a portable carpet cleaning system. Should you be found in a multi-story building, we have traditional mobile machinery that we can bring right up inside to get access for difficult to reach areas.

Like their name “portable” implies, these mini carpet cleaning machines have less suction, produce less heat, and can’t provide the same quality of cleaning as a truck-mounted system. If fact, most of these portable machines aren’t very different from the carpet cleaning machines you can rent at the grocery store.

Bonnet Dry-Chem Carpet Cleaners

It uses the carpet cleaning solution, which is mixed with carbonated water and then used as a spray over the carpet. The carpet cleaner professionals will attach an absorbent pad with the floor buffing machine, to help get rid of surface germs, soil and dirt from the surface of the carpets. The device absorbs dust and dirt and leaves your carpets clean on the surface.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaners technicians have a variety of cleaning equipment, including; Truck mount, portable steam cleaner and also, dry carpet cleaning gear. This method of cleaning is rapid, and, depending upon just how much remedy. So, the drying time can be reasonably quick (from one to a few hours). This method is ideal for companies, apartments, and hotels during the day because it quickly cleans the carpets without disruption to the clients, guests and visitors.

However, bonnet cleaning will not clean the carpets deeply, but most of the carpet owners prefer to use this cleaning method only as a temporary solution.

Dry Encapsulation

In this method, the carpet cleaning powders sprinkled into the carpet surface using a rotating brush machine. Thus, it opens the fibre of the carpet and lets the powder to settle inside it, resulting in deep carpet cleaning.

One clean, dry method is suitable for carpets, and rugs that may not tolerate either water or cleaning agent. This method often referred to as encapsulation carpet cleaner. This clean technique will clean some surface areas of carpets; it is not as effective as a steam cleaner, especially not the truck mount steam cleaner.

After this, the carpet vacuumed to remove the soil and combined powder. This method used for commercial installations, where carpet cleaning regularly and requires instant drying. It is a surface only carpet cleaning method.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

The shampoo carpet cleaners technique is one of the original methods used by professional carpet cleaners Auckland services. It can remove all dirt, dust, germs and soil from the carpet. It is okay for removing heavy soil from the fibre of carpets. However, the reason the hot steam water extraction superseded this method was; it left carpets over wet.

The professionals start by applying a carpet cleaner shampoo on the carpet and then scrub using the moisture brush. Thus, it generates the foam, which in turn, attract dust, allergens, germs and dirt. After the cleaning process, the carpet deeply vacuumed to remove soil most leftover shampoo.

Researched, experienced and written by Graeme Stephens with over 32 years of carpet cleaning Auckland services experience.

Updated: 11/6/2020

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