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Odor Control Auckland

Odors such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). H2S and Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs), can be found in kitchen ventilation and a wide range of different industries. Although the odors do not necessarily impose physical health problems, the smell disturbs the surrounding the area and mind. Odor control systems, and Odor removal using superior ozone generators, UV, fogging systemsodor control

The Nose Knows Odors

The human nose has been evolving over a long time into different sensitivities for different smells. Therefore, the nose has a very high sensitivity toward decomposing organic materials. Urine pet odour, Rotting food, mould emits sulfur. Therefore, it is not surprising that the human nose can detect levels of odours. On the other hand, the nose is less sensitive to compounds not emitted naturally.

Therefore, odor such as fire smoke odors and pet urine odors are particularly difficult to treat, as the neutralizing method needs to be effective using superior ozone generators, UV, fogging systems. Furthermore, when the odor is present in a large area, the issue is harder, because, the odor control levels are affected by external conditions. Auckland Steam n Dry Odor Elimination.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry use the largest commercial ozone odor removal units in New Zealand.  We provide quality odor control services since 1987. We serve both home and work clients, with the same high standards and attention to Auckland regulations. Servicing East, West, North Shore, and, South Auckland City.

We often referred to as the cleaning and odor restoration experts in Auckland using superior ozone generators, UV, fogging systems.  We also provide expert odor removal, structural building drying, meth decontamination with a guarantee.

This odor remedial information is provided by Graeme Stephens, an IICRC certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician.  So, you make an informed decision for your fire and smoke clean up needs. For Odor removal and clean up, call Auckland Steam n Dry on 0800 783-266, or email us.


Odor Removal Methods

Auckland Steam n Dry developed several solutions for solving smoke, pet odour removal problems in many applications. Based on the case from the customers, we select and design the most efficient solution for odour control. Each method can be composed either by one single ozone stage or by a multi-stage system. An overview of the performance of Auckland Steam n Dry’s solutions for pet urine, smoke odour removal is a complete solution.

In some cases cleaning, particularly in extreme scenarios, the source removal may be needed, such as underlay for pet urine odours.

Commercial Ozone Generator Odour Control Units

In many cases, a single-stage ozone solution already reduces odor emissions. As shown by the Large Commercial Ozone Generator Units curve in the figure above. Since ozone is a powerful oxidation media, it quickly reacts with the odor control molecules. These smell molecules are oxidized, leading to the creation of carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, completely odorless and harmless compounds. This oxidation is valid both for odors from organic material, such as VOCs, and from sulfur. Ozone also helps kills mold contamination.

These radicals are even more reaction than ozone, killing the smoke,  pet urine odours removal more efficient. Having free smell radicals in the reaction results in a chain reaction system. So, one single treatment can oxidize a high number of odours, therefore it’s best using superior ozone generators, UV, fogging systems.

However, due to reasons between ozone and UV, we can make the same reactivity at room temperature s, reducing the costs for the odor control treatment.

Complete Odor Neutralise Solution

For best results of a large variety of odors such as pet urine, smoke odor removal, we recommend our complete solution, which includes the ozone generators stage and UV light. The complete solution uses all the benefits of the previous solutions with added benefits added by the ozone stage. The filter aimed at full effectiveness the odor removal from each particular source.

The addition of the ozone stage in the process has twin impacts using superior ozone generators, UV, fogging systems.

Auckland Steam n Dry on 0800 783-266, or email us. 


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