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P Testing NZ News

P Testing NZ News Letters

The following meth P testing newsletters are updated regularly if not monthly. 14/6/2016

New Meth P Testing and Cleaning Guidelines

When are they coming into effect?

The new standards are due for release late this month/early July. Over the past 18 months, REINZ is part of the National Standards Committee which have been developing the Meth P testing, also, P cleaning standards for NZ.

NZ deemed fourth-highest for Meth P usage in the world

– Meth p contamination makes 15.5% of properties uninhabitable. – In May, nearly 400 HNZ houses were unable to be tenanted due to contamination residues. – IAG (NZ’s largest insurer) pay out $14 million meth claims for residential properties – that’s 40-80 meth claims per month! – 13% of P labs are found in cars, and, vehicles. – Studies show 1 in 7  rent houses have detected residue levels.

Meth P Health Effects

Tenants can have both long , also short term side effects from living in a highly contaminated property. Short term P meth side effects include: shortness of breath, chest pains, coughing, dizziness, and, or chemical irritation (burning to eyes, nose, mouth and skin). Long term  meth P side effects can include: nausea, headaches, tired, in some cases you may notice a personality change.

10% P Testing and Cleaning Discount

When booking in our meth P cleaning services, we are offering 10% off; with opportunity to gain up to 20% as we work with you. Finally, our MMC P  testing Auckland.. Please take advantage of your locked in price for $139 + GST between tenants or for your own peace of mind. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries, or, would like to ask about our P testing, furthermore, p cleaning processes.

Graeme Stephens.  Managing Director

2001 IICRC Certified “Master Restoration Technician”

Tel: 09 376 7007 Cell: 021 285 5454 17/3/2016

P Meth Testing and Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of remedial residential, and, commercial services, by showing you a brief outline of these in hopes to become a potential preferred supplier. I’d like to have the opportunity to prove to you how cost effective our P cleaning guaranteed remedial service is. As a valued key client, in return, we offer a discounted rate off our decontamination work; starting at 10% with opportunity to gain up to 20% off as we work with contaminated properties on a continuous basis. On top of this we would also like to offer our MMC meth p testing between tenants for owners peace of mind. Prices starting at a locked in discounted rate (within our zoning) of $139 + GST. Not only do we offer meth p clean, we, also, offer  carpet upholstery cleaning, flood damage and restoration, pest control and mould removal remediation. Our P cleaning  division teams have up to 15 years experience each. Our carpet and flood technicians have over 135 years between them. Please find attached a copy of one of our quotations, first of all, and processes for reading at your leisure, along with our attached questionnaire. Upon receiving both questionnaire, finally, test reports. EWe can make an accurate recommendation, and, quotation for the contaminated property in question. Try our guaranteed services now!

Krista Cassie, Manager

P cleaning Division 

Meth P Testing and Cleaning

North Shore, West, East, South, Auckland City

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