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P House Testing

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry P testing has been providing professional Meth P house testing for over 8 years. In fact, Meth P decontamination services in Auckland since 1987.

Indeed, we use primary P testing methods. Specifically, MMC Device indicative tests and also analytical laboratory tests.

Experienced qualified testers including a 2001 IICRC certified “Master Restoration Technician” and the most qualified Meth P cleaning decontamination specialist in New Zealand.

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P Testing

Don’t Get Stuck with a Toxic P Meth House. One of the worst things a potential home buyer can do is buy a toxic meth house, whether it has been a past P lab or simply contaminated from P smoking.

Meth Testing Methods

1.  MMC Meth Testing Devices

This is done by the tester marking out an area with a 10 cm x 10 cm template then wiping the area with squab. The squab will, therefore, then be used with a Meth Check device for P testing NZ.

Each test is a lateral flow chromatography immunology which provides qualitative detection of the illicit P drug and associated meth contaminant residue.

Interpretation of test results

After applying the buffer solution containing the location sample to the p lab testing device, the results are found on the test line (T).
MMC Check4Meth tests have been made very sensitive to line up with NZ guidelines. Any sign of a red line in the ‘T; area is a pass.

Test Accuracy
Each p lab test has an average sensitivity of <300ng/ml buffer solution. Each test contains an internal procedural control to confirm the device is operating correctly.

The cost is generally lower, but the downside is that you only get negative or positive for over 1.5μg/100cm2 New Zealand guidelines result.

Site Methamphetamine Tests Results, and, Locations sample.

Test    Location     Result
T1      Kitchen      NEGATIVE
T2      Lounge      NEGATIVE
T3      Bedroom    NEGATIVE
T4      Bedroom    NEGATIVE
T5      Toilet          NEGATIVE
T6      Bathroom  NEGATIVE

2.  Analytical Laboratory Meth P Testing

This is done by the tester marking out an area with a 10cm x 10cm template, then wiping the area with squab. The squab will then be sent to the Laboratory for analytical testing. This testing method is more sensitive, therefore, the results are more defined, and, informative as you receive the actual μg/100cm2 level of the area being tested. The cost is approximately $175 per location test.

3.  Indicative Composite P testing

This is done using either of the above P test NZ equipment but instead of using a 10cm x 10cm template the tester instead wipes 8-10 10cm x 10cm area(s) throughout the home/premises.  This is considered an indicative test and costs between $129 and $290 per test.

4.  Laboratory  Composite Meth P House Testing

This is done by the tester marking out areas with a 10cm x 10cm template, then wiping the area with squab.  The squab will then be sent to the Laboratory for up to 5 analytical tests.

Meth P Testing

When buying a home, we should have a certified home inspector to look for things like plumbing or electrical problems, lack of insulation, foundation cracks, heating, air conditioning concerns and many more. Most buyers fail to have their future home inspected for methamphetamine P lab contaminates which is such a big problem in Auckland and all throughout New Zealand.

In addition, some realty property managers do not want to mess up the sale. So, therefore, the buyer got a big injustice by not making the suggestion even though they know very well how much of a serious problem this is in Auckland.

Methamphetamine P lab contaminated houses can cause serious permanent illness, birth defects or even kill. Meth Houses are toxic, yet, many buyers do not have their home p house tested. Usually, because reality does not mention it or to save a few hundred dollars.  Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry methamphetamine p lab testing can provide a quality cheaper meth p test, and if contamination is present, an affordable P clean up decontamination.

Nowadays every home bought in Auckland should have meth p house testing

Landlords might be knowingly covering up a problem or unknowingly covering it up.  Property owners should know if they are aware of a P meth lab problem they should disclose it.  When their tenant moves out unannounced in the middle of the night. Don’t toy with your expensive property.  Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry methamphetamine p testing Auckland can check and also. As well as, clean up any meth p tested problem at reasonable costs.

People who should be concerned about Meth P Lab Testing

Pre-purchase property buyers, post-purchase property buyers, new tenants, insurers and also property managers. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry uses US military approved forensic testing equipment, which identifies the presence of chemicals used in the manufacture or smoking use of P methamphetamine.

P House Testing Cost

MMC P house testing is $159 + GST per average house. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry P testing will email you with a p test detailed report certificate.  This will show the tests for an extra $75. As a matter of fact, we can also provide independent analytical laboratory referrals.


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