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Carpet Stain Protection

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Teflon Advanced Carpet Stain Protector
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Teflon Upholstery and Carpet Stain Protection

Repels Dirt and Stains.

It’s always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your carpet look right after they’ve been cleaned. Now, you can keep them looking fresh, and, new longer by treating them with carpet stain protection. Stain protectors, first of all, form an invisible shield around each fiber, which resists stains.

Teflon Advanced uses DuPont, so, provide more repellent than any other carpet protectors. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining, also, wick up can occur. Dirt stains cling to untreated carpet, and, quickly become in the fibers. Carpet stain protection, furthermore, keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making carpets easier to care for.

Teflon Carpet stain protection, maybe, applied a professional agent carpet cleaner, such, as Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry.

It is applied by spray application, dries quickly, and, leaves no odor. It is non-toxic, as a result, safe to use around family and pets. Solvent free.

DuPont and Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry recommends the Carpet stain protection be applied after cleaning carpet. Even wool carpets can benefit from carpet stain protection for wool carpets. With an application of carpet stain shield, you know your carpet is, furthermore, protected with a good quality product.

Stop Dirt and Stains in Their Tracks.

The next time you have your carpet cleaning, ask for Teflon stain carpet protector because of it…

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Teflon Carpet Stain Protection

Long lasting protection with extra repel. Helps carpets stay cleaner, brighter, newer and fresher through all kinds of daily wear.  Creates a shield around each of the carpet fibers.

Carpet protection provides more repel than other leading carpet stain protectors, along with topsoil & stain protection. 

The improved stain repels of Teflon carpet stain protector, hence,  provides extra time to clean up spills.  Minimizes wick up, and, the spreading of stains. Carpet stain protection is more resistant to oil-based, and, water-based stains than ever. Thanks to its higher repel. Keeping dirt from sticking to fibers. Dirt and stains cling to untreated carpet, as a result, quickly become in the fibers. Teflon Carpet stain protector creates a  shield around the carpet’s fibers to keep dirt from lodging within the carpet. The same keeps foods from sticking to pots and pans prevent dirt, and, grime from sticking to the carpet.

Stain Guard

Keeping her carpet looking like new, is now easier than ever. A professional carpet cleaning will brighten and freshen the carpet.  But every time someone walks into her house, they track in dirt, spill stains. That’s why she needs to protect her freshly clean carpet with a carpet stain protector. DuPont recommends the application of carpet, also, upholstery stain protector every 2-3 cleans, on all carpet types. Even those with built in soil, and, stain protection. Reinforces stain blocking qualities of stain resist nylon fibers.

Stain Protection FAQ

Can stain protection be applied to the upholstery.

Yes, Teflon also works on the upholstery that is not subject to flood damage as is silk, also, other more fabrics. Teflon stain guard is suitable to protect upholstery made from most cotton, nylon, also, blends.

How often, should stain protectors be applied.

Since the biggest enemy of the stain protectors is from traffic, and, traffic varies with each situation. The general recommendation for re-application is after 2 – 3 years or 2  -3 cleans. The same conditions that led to the need for cleaning, probably, have led to the need to refresh the carpet protection.

Are carpet warranties affected by cleaning?

Carpet mills recommend Protector to maintain their warranties. Stain blocking stain-resist nylon fibers, such as Stain master.

Why apply Teflon Advanced

First, because Teflon upholstery, and, Carpet Protector provides a good service for our customers. In addition, it keeps the carpet looking better longer.

Q. Will the fabric protector wash out. How long will it last?

A. Fabric protectors applied into the fabric, therefore, it keeps protecting the fabric wash after wash.

Q. How can fabric treated with Teflon upholstery stain protection remain soft.

A. Teflon fabric protector is for fabrics, so, it does not impact breathability, or, feel.

Q. Can I buy a spray can of fabric stain protector to treat my fabrics?

A. For upholstery, also, carpets. Teflon Advanced carpet & upholstery protector can be applied by professional carpet cleaners.

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Upholstery Fabric Stain Protector

How it Works. No matter what you’re looking for, Teflon fabric protector repel can make every product at its best. Teflon upholstery stain protection fends off soil, stain, sand, spills on wool, cotton, and blends without impacting the fabric’s weight. Look, feel, color or breathability. Indoors, Teflon makes it easier to keep upholstery, draperies, bedding, so, linens looking fresh and clean. Outdoors upholstery stain protector provides continuous protection for awnings, also, patio furniture cushions. 

Repel Upholstery Stain Protector

Fabrics treated for repelling fight off dry soil and nasty, spills and splashes, allowing liquids to bead up, and, roll off. 

General Tips for Cleaning Fabrics Treated with Stain Protection

Products with Teflon fabric protector, furthermore, require no special care. Simply follow the instructions to enjoy the best benefits of fabric protector. carpet cleaning tips.


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