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Casper Matson


Casper Matson

Cleaned, deodorized, repaired, and reinstalled the family room carpet. Comments: My family room carpet had pet stains; also, a faint odour. I ripped it up to view the
damage underneath, pulled up the underlay. My attempts to clean it only ruined the carpet, so, created a noxious ammonia odour. I thought I would have to replace the entire carpet in that room. Ron assessed the damage, and, reassured me that he could fix the problem. He cleaned, deodorized the carpet, also, installed a new pad underneath.
Ron then repaired the areas I damaged when I pulled the carpets up and meticulously reinstalled the entire region. The smell returned in one area; he came back and retreated it.

I had all of the carpets in my house cleaned, and some specific stains treated. Member Comments: Excellent job. I would use them again. Graeme and Dale were very responsive.

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