Carpet Cleaning Tips – How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet Shaving Cream

How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet Shaving Cream – Carpet Cleaning Tips DIY carpet cleaning Auckland Service

Learn the carpet cleaning tips and secrets to keep carpets looking new from Graeme Stephens, who has over 36 years of professional carpet cleaning service experience. These expert carpet cleaning tips and DIY secrets help you maintain and remove stains from your carpets.

Despite your best efforts, sooner or later, your carpet will become the victim of spills, splashes, messy accidents, and whatever you track on the bottom of your shoes.

The secrets here will help you decide on your next carpet cleaning Auckland service. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services, since 1987, has provided uniquely tailored services.

We are incredibly proud that most current and former customers return for business after our initial servicing. For Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services, call 0800 110 282 or email us.

Dry Soil And Dust Carpet Cleaning

Start by cleaning all kinds of dry soil dirt using a vacuum. Set your vacuum at the right height because it can damage your carpet fibres if low. It will also not pick up dry soil dust when set too high.

In setting the vacuum, you can initially set it to its highest possible and lower it until you feel it is pulling itself forward. Removing the dry soil dust from your carpet correctly is possible before it becomes a potential stain.

Carpet Cleaning Tips on Stain Removal | Dab and Blot, Don’t Rub Them.

When a stain or spill first happens, don’t start scrubbing. Doing so will only push the colour into the carpet fibres or backing. Instead, gently dab blot stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cotton town, paper towel, or sponge.

The key is to dab and blot. Dabbing using a cloth puts a small amount of pressure on the stain so that you can absorb it. “Rubbing causes the grit to get into the carpet’s fibres.”

It will also damage and break down those fibres. The dab blot starts from the stain’s outer edge and works towards the centre. Doing so will prevent the paint from spreading.

If you allow the stains and spills to sit for a while, it will be more difficult for you to clean them. Always treat the affected area immediately. The longer the collapse settles, the harder it’ll be to remove the stain.

Removing Spots

If you need a spot removal solvent, use an IICRC/Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) or Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) for a spot solver. If you can treat it immediately, your carpet may be as clean as new.

Apply several drops to a clean cotton town, paper towel, or sponge, and blot the carpet in an inconspicuous area. If you notice a carpet colour change, consult a professional carpet cleaner. The most effective cleaning method is blotting with a clean and white rag.

You tend to scoop or dig foodstuff whenever you spill or drop it, correct? However, that will make it worse. Digging or scooping foodstuff spills will work the spots deeper into your carpet.

Remove as much solid material as possible with a spoon or a dull knife. Add water and blot, using detergent sparingly if needed. Using the highest suction function, vacuum back and forth.

You can add more water to the stain until completely clean. The suitable method of taking good care of this is to apply a spoon to accumulate the solids in the middle and then scrape them onto a towel.

The Carbonated, Tonic Soda Water Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal Method

When treated right, fizzy water can remove drink spills from carpets, such as beer,  soft drinks, and wine stains. Pour fizzy water onto a clean towel and dab blot the colour. Then, if the colouring appears lesser, repeat with more fizzy water. Hence, if that doesn’t work, try vinegar. After that, if it still doesn’t work, Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services, proprietary truck-mounted equipment services, remove more soil dirt, viruses, germs, and allergens.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can be located in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Home Vinegar DIY Carpet Stain Removal Cleaning

In case it’s stubborn carpet stains that you can’t treat with water, try this. A solution of vinegar and water might help remove it. This is an all-natural method of carpet cleaning tips. The key is for more challenging spots.

Mix a one-to-one white vinegar and water ratio, and pour it into a spray bottle. Only apply the vinegar cleaner solution to the area for a few minutes before blotting the stains.

“Spray the cleaning solution onto the stained carpet area, then wait 15 minutes for it to soak in. Next, press a clean, dry sponge down onto the wet area to soak up the carpet cleaning vinegar solution and the diluted stain, too,” says Tarbox. Repeat this process, if necessary, until the entire stain is gone.

Shaving Cream Carpet Cleaner

The towels will absorb the dampness from the carpeting. Please leave them in a balanced weight for a day until the carpet moisture is transferred onto the towel.

Graeme advises that shaving cream is one of the best carpet cleaners for stain removal. “It can help remove a lot of different carpet stains.”

Apply the shaving cream to the centre of the stain and let it soak in for about 25 to 35 minutes. Blot it up with a clean cotton town, paper towel, or sponge.

Finish by spraying the area with a half-strength mix of white vinegar and warm water, and then blot the solution with a clean cotton town, white towel or sponge.

Blood Stain Removal, Hydrogen Peroxide 

How to get blood out of carpet shaving cream? Graeme advises step by step that Hydrogen peroxide will get blood out of carpets when used with cold water. This will loosen dried blood with cups of cold water and mild laundry soap. Scrape off hard blood from the fibres with a spoon.

Apply 6% hydrogen peroxide directly to the blood stains from carpets to remove the remaining blood. The Hydrogen peroxide will immediately start to foam up when it touches the blood.

Then, dab blot up the hydrogen peroxide and any remaining blood with a clean cotton town, paper towel, or sponge for the best DIY carpet cleaning result.

Wax Removal From Carpets

Graeme suggests heating the wax stain to its liquid state to remove it. First, lay a clean cotton towel over the carpet wax stain, then place a clothes iron on top of the towel until the wax melts. Then scrape off the liquid wax with a spoon for the best DIY clean carpet results.

Pet Urine Removal

If you live with pets, your carpet is prone to accidents. Graeme prefers organic cleaners, such as citrus-based or hydrogen peroxide solutions, rather than chemicals.

Spray the carpet stain remover cleaner directly on the stain. You’ll have to remove all the staining and odour. Wipe the cleaner with a clean cotton town, paper towel, or sponge. You can also use these non-toxic cleaners to remove other stains, including coffee and sauces.

Apply 6% hydrogen peroxide to the carpet pet urine stain to remove the remaining pet urine from the carpets. The hydrogen peroxide will immediately fizz up when it touches the carpet pet urine. Then, dub blot up the hydrogen peroxide and any remaining blood with a clean cotton town, paper towel, or sponge for the best, more spotless carpets result from DIY.

Freeze-Dried Chewing Gum Stain Removal

A DIY trick to removing chewing gum from carpets is in your freezer. “Get a couple of ice cubes and hold them onto the chewing gum for a minute,” Graeme recommends. When chewing gum is frozen hard, use a spoon to remove it. You can use scissors to cut the carpet pile close to the chewing gum. If you miss only minimal carpet fibres, it should be undetectable for the best clean carpet result.

Food Sweet Carpet Stain Removal Cleaning

“Scrape out the sugary lolly sweets food with a butter knife,” Tarbox suggests. Then, soak the area with a sponge dipped in water with mild soap. “It’s essential to get out all of the sugar. Otherwise, the cleaned carpet stain will remain a re-soiling residue, attracting dirt and debris more easily”, as recommended by Graeme.

Once the sugary lolly sweets food is removed, dry the spot by blotting it with a clean cotton towel, paper towel, or sponge for the best carpet cleaning DIY tips.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

The best way to keep carpeting looking fresh and new is to deep-clean it regularly using a hot steam extraction machine, often referred to as steam cleaning carpets, as recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturers.

The method involves pre-vacuuming, pre-spraying a mild solution onto the carpets, and then flushing the carpet pile under high pressure injected deep into the carpet fibres via spray-jet. Then immediately after, a powerful vacuum sucks the cleaning solution along with the carpet’s soil, spots, and dirt.

The hot water and steam penetrate the carpet fibres to the backing to loosen any embedded soil, dust, or greasy deposits. “The result is that your carpet will be cleaner than ever,” Tarbox says. He recommends that a four-person household deep clean their carpeting every six months for the best long-term clean carpet.

The hot steam carpet cleaning method has two machines: a small portable mobile unit and a more powerful engine that performs considerably healthier and better carpet cleaning.

Portable Carpet Cleaning

If an Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning technician works on a high-rise building or an extensive apartment complex over the third storey, he won’t be able to use a truck mount system.

Although truck mounts can clean a hundred metres away from the truck with minimal loss of power, the length of hoses needed can be too much of a nuisance in commercial or apartment carpet cleaning. Anything above the third floor of a building will not be particles, and the carpet cleaner’s result will be reduced. We can move our portable steam cleaning machine from floor to bottom. You can get into hard-to-reach places.

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaners

A truck-mounted carpet cleaner is one such option that firms specialise in carpet cleaning Auckland service in West, North Shore, East, South Auckland and Viral Disinfecting. We use it to restore the appearance of our clients’ carpets and prolong their lifespan.

Family-owned since 1987. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services uses portable steam cleaning. The state-of-the-art premium truck-mounted cleaners, which use 84°c hot steam, kill and remove 99% of dirt,  viruses, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, germs, and 97% of stains. Branches and servicing throughout West Auckland, North Shore, Eastern Bays, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Truck-mounted units generally do approximately 7x better than smaller portable machines due to the bigger and better performance.

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services

If the methods above don’t work, you can request Auckland’s qualified carpet cleaning assistance, which offers reasonably priced, 24/7 carpet cleaning services you can hire throughout emergencies.

A carpet cleaner may keep you’re home neat, safe, and warm. It will be durable and enhance the appearance of your home. An unclean carpet can affect the health of your family members. Some people feel they can do regular clean maintenance of their carpets independently. So, there are a few carpet cleaning tips from Graeme at Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services that you can follow to make your carpets look fresh, clean, and in top shape.

Steam cleaning with a premium truck mount is the best carpet cleaning option. However, you need to use this procedure sparingly.

Kill Mould, Bacteria, Germs & Viruses Like COVID-19

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Truck-mounted Cleaners use 85C hot steam at the carpet fibres and interior car upholstery point of contact. Also, they use FDA-approved products to kill coronaviruses, allergens, dust mites and germs.

How To Clean Carpet DIY

Owning a vacuum is non-negotiable if you have carpet or area rugs in your home. The best vacuum is the one you’ll frequently use, which sounds facile, but the most souped-up vacuum in the world is unsuitable for you if it’s too heavy to lift out of its storage space. After cleaning, if stains remain, moisten tufts in the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let stand for one hour. Blot and repeat until completely clean. It may be helpful to consult the Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning guide for vacuum cleaner styles. Which vacuum should I get? A carpet and upholstery cleaner is suitable for stains when inevitable spills happen.

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Experienced, researched and written by Graeme Stephens. An IICRC Master Restoration Technician in 2001. Over 36 years of disinfecting, cleaning and pest control services experience.

Last Updated: 14 May 2024

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