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Carpet Cleaning – Truck Mounted vs. Portable Steam Cleaners truck-mounted carpet cleaners Auckland

According to many carpet manufacturers and carpet fibre producers, hot water extraction is also known as steam cleaning. The best carpet cleaning service method. Using our proprietary truck-mounted equipment that employs 84°C hot steam that kills and removes germs, viruses, dust, allergens, and dirt. 7x better clean result.

Thus, it is the only carpet cleaning method classified as “deep cleaning.” Most manufacturers recommend hot water extraction steam cleaning because it can clean the carpets more thoroughly. All the others are only light interim clean because they cannot remove soil deep in a pile. Other rug cleaning methods also leave large amounts of the cleaning agent in the carpet after cleaning. Due to the aggressive scrubbing action, these dry methods can damage fibres, especially wool.

Not All Carpet Cleaners Can Clean Alike.truck mount carpet cleaning Auckland

Should I pay extra for a better carpet cleaning Auckland service result? We have been asked this question so many times over the years. Many consumers need to learn the difference. I need to know. They see a carpet cleaning machine that shoots down water and a vacuum hose sucking it out. Each carpet cleaning method has pros and cons, and they have their place in the market. The maintenance brochures published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommend this method because its research indicates that it provides the best capability for cleaning carpets and rugs. Both are acceptable Hot Water Extraction steam cleaning machines, which many carpet manufacturers require yearly to keep warranties valid, but many differences exist. The carpet manufacturers also require that you used to be an IICRC Certified Firm. 

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaners Auckland

The business has been family-owned since 1987. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services uses portable steam cleaning and state-of-the-art superior truck-mounted machines. This machine uses 80°C hot steam and kills and removes 99% of dirt, viruses, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, germs, and 97% of stains removed. They serve throughout West Auckland, North Shore, Eastern Bays, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast.

Truck-Mounted vs. Portable Steam Carpet Cleaners Summary Comparisons

                                                      PORTABLE                                TRUCK MOUNTS

MACHINE COST                            3k – $5,000                     $25k – $55,000        (For larger capacity truck mounts)

WATER STEAM HEAT                     30-50°C                           60 – 145°C            (Larger Engines with radiators generate more heat)

STEAM PRESSURE                       50-500 PSI                      200-3000 PSI           (Adjustable depending on the carpet type and soiling)

VACUUM POWER                        1k-13,000 HG                  14 – 26,000 HG        (Auckland Steam n Dry use 26,000HG, faster-drying carpet)

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services uses portable steam cleaning systems for high-rise or apartment upholstery and carpet cleaning. The superior truck-mounted cleaning machines, which use scorching steam, kill and remove more dirt, viruses, allergens, bacteria, dust mites, germs, and stains. In branches servicing West Auckland, North Shore, Eastern Bays, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Portable Steam Cleaning Auckland Services

Electric vacuums run portable. These electric vacuums generally have enough power to create sufficient suction for about 5 metres of hose. Together with a vacuum booster, you can achieve 7 metres of hose. These have electric pressure pumps that can power up to 500 PSI. Portables built with around 35-litre recovery and solution tanks. Some portable units have an inline water heater that can achieve about 55°C if heated long enough.

I started my company in 1987 using portable machines and chem-dry carbonated bonnet cleaning systems. I did a satisfactory cleaning, but the cleaning used many cleaning chemicals, which consumed a lot more time, and the carpet took too long to dry. The water on a portable steam cleaner can only be as hot as the water from your faucet, usually about 45°C. However, when it leaves your hot water faucet and is put in the machine, it gets much colder when the cleaning begins. It’s a fact that for every ten °C degrees over 30°C, the cleaning solution’s chemical action doubles.

Both machines can clean carpets. However, because the portable cannot achieve high PSI, it cannot clean tiles or hard floor surfaces because a truck mount can only run up to a hundred metres of hoses. Therefore, the portable is best for cleaning carpets in high-rise buildings or apartments, higher than the 4th storeys or large commercial apartment complexes that cannot reach over a hundred metres of hoses.

Portable Steam Cleaners Are Good For High-rise And Large Apartment Buildings

Vacuum power is the most critical difference between the two steam cleaning machines. Truck mount units have much more ability than portable steam cleaners.

The truck-mounted steam cleaning unit has higher PSI and water pressure, and the vacuum is so powerful that most carpets touch dry in 3-5 hours. Portable steam cleaners do not have this capability. The “professionalism” issue is because when one uses a mobile, they must drag the machine into the customer’s house, high-rise buildings, or apartments. They generate a lot of noise inside and can sometimes smell. The waste air is often exhausted inside with germs.

Most portable steam cleaners require an overnight recommended dry time in houses, high-rise buildings, or apartments. Therefore, it causes underlying dirt and stains to wick and bleed to the carpet’s surface. It could be more convenient and healthier for the consumer. Moreover, powerful vacuum suction means better-extracting spots, soil, grease, dust, moisture, and other contaminants from the carpet.

Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning System

Health-wise, the truck-mounted upholstery and carpet cleaning system are preferred because the dirty air, moisture, and humidity are exhausted outside rather than recirculated throughout the house. Two to four-cylinder petrol or diesel engines power truck-mounted machines. The engine powers the more significant suction vacuum and the spray pump. There is enough vacuum power to use a hundred metres of hoses and achieve up to 3000 PSI. These machines use large heaters or heat from the motor to heat the water.

They can reach over 145°C. The cold water source for these truck-mounted carpet cleaner Auckland machines is pulled directly from a garden hose. It’s connected to the garden outlet outside of the customer’s house. Inside the van, you can fit a 100-litre recovery tank. Additionally, truck-mounted steam cleaner systems are more powerful than portable units and can do a much better upholstery and carpet cleaning Auckland job. They can get the carpets to dry more quickly.

Thus, it is the first positive fact about using a Truck-Mounted Cleaning System. The water in a Truck Mount is continuously heated to over 145°C (usually between 75-80°C at the carpet fibre). That’s a lot more hot steam action and a better clean result. The increase in heat is more beneficial to break down the soil, germs, grease, allergens, and other spots for complete removal. Also, as a cleaner, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaners use fewer cleaning solutions involving a healthier environment.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Units Have Hotter Steam, Higher PSI, And Far More Powerful Vacuum = Far Better Clean Results.

Water pressure PSI is another big difference between a portable and a truck-mount steam cleaner. The cleaning process needs to be repeated, with pure steam extraction for sufficient upholstery and carpet cleaning results. If not, the remaining chemicals and re-soiling residues will quickly collect soil again, causing your carpet to get dirty faster. A portable steam cleaner is capable of 50-500 PSI. That’s a little, and if the carpet steam cleaning technician does not take the time to rinse thoroughly, you are stuck with the chemical on your carpet. A carpet is ideally flushed at 400-600 PSI, which a truck-mount steam cleaner can achieve consistently. (Truck Mount steam cleaner can go as high as 3000 PSI. However, this is for hard surfaces) The higher PSI. It helps to agitate the fibres, spots, oils, and soil to remove them all better.

My conclusion on the steam cleaner issue is that portables have their place in the market. They’re suitable in areas where no other truck-mounted steam cleaner can go. I understand that this is an affordable option for startup new Auckland upholstery and carpet cleaning companies. However, they should steer clear of heavily soiled standalone houses where the air is contaminated with germs. You can add options to a portable steam cleaner to improve its performance; however, truck mounts are more powerful and perform better. Mobile units often build a new upholstery and carpet cleaning Auckland business. It creates enough cash flow to buy the world market’s best truck-mounted steam cleaner machine.

Truck mounts steam cleaners are a better clean for the customer. Hotter steam water, higher water PSI Pressure, and far better vacuum suction. Therefore, this means a FAR BETTER overall clean carpet results for the customers.

Uses And Capabilities

Because portable units cost around $4,000, it is a better option for a startup company. However, because the truck-mounted steam cleaner has better heat and suction, it can achieve better results. Truck mount machines can cost up to $55,000, not including the van mounted. I want to use a portable where no other device can go (high-rise buildings and apartments).

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services and proprietary truck-mounted equipment services remove more soil, germs, stains, dirt, viruses, and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Truck-mounted steam cleaning machines, however, require a lot more maintenance. It is because a petrol or diesel motor powers them. They must have scheduled oil changes. Truck-mounted cleaner machines also burn about 3 litres per hour, not to mention the van’s insurance and fuel. These truck-mounted steam cleaner machines have more moving parts and require more repairs and tune-ups. Although the truck mount requires more maintenance, some customers feel more professional.

Portable Steam Cleaners Have Their Place In The Auckland City Market.

They are right where no other truck-mounted steam cleaning unit can go. This affordable portable cleaning option is for new startup companies, but they should refrain from heavily soiled standalone homes. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services, proprietary truck-mounted equipment services, removes more soil dirt, germs, viruses, stains, and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast. You can add extra to a portable steam cleaner to improve its performance. However, truck mounts are more powerful and perform better. Portables are often for building a new business and creating enough cash flow to buy the best machine in the world market.


Updated Last: 16 May 2024. By Graeme Stephens. (IICRC Master Technicians)


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