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We’re passionate about protecting your home and your family. While Auckland is a great place to live, the warm, moist climate also provides a breeding ground for unwanted pests. Furthermore, for over 3o years, our preventive pest control service company has diligently worked to eliminate nuisance and potentially damaging insect, rodent and other pest infestations for homeowners in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland.

Pests pose a persistent threat to the integrity of your home or business premises. While seemingly innocuous, they can lead to problems such as contamination and unforeseen expenses. Investing in preventive pest control in Auckland is among the most effective measures to avert potential damages in the future. As a pest control service provider in Auckland, we understand that managing pests is an ongoing challenge that demands technical expertise and a deep understanding of local pest pressures to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Generally, the best form of control is prevention to handle and prevent pests, like everything else. The preventive pest control maintenance program provides firm support for your entire system and, if executed correctly, will give almost all the pest control you will need.

Indeed, our skilled pest control technicians understand Auckland’s unique requirements for effectively controlling and exterminating pests, including roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, termites, and even bed bugs. Yet, we offer a complete range of services to meet the unique needs of Auckland homeowners. Thus, we are also a Certified Residential Pesticide Applicator.

Pest Control Maintenance

Checking For Indoor Pests

  1. Check every entry parallel to the outside, like doors, electrical entries, pipelines, window frames, and wiring. Do any repairs required?
  2. Seek out insect, rodent entry and activity indicators, for example, waste droppings and gnawing marks. First of all, employ rodent traps before using rodent bait. Use insecticides cautiously if needed. Therefore, following label instructions and checking outdoors is crucial.
  3. Ensure the inside of your home is clean and free of clutter and food crumbs.

Indeed, these preventive pest control tips may be helpful to you from Graeme Stephens, an IICRC 2001 Master Restoration Technician. Therefore, for more preventive pest control help from Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry, see the experts by calling 0800 783-266 or emailing.

Pest Control Service Frequency

  1. Check every container, such as pet food and watering bowls, birdbaths for leftover food, and stagnant water. If you feed more than your pet needs, you are fascinating predators to dine in your yard. If you leave standing water, you are attracting mosquitoes to breed.
  2. Check if the window and door screens fit securely and the caulking joints are in good order. Also, weather stripping, as well as sweeps, aren’t allowing light and pests through.
  3. Check the efficiency of the mowing program you have. Seek the presence of thatch. If the grass is too high between mowing, you might require adding a mowing day. Roofing and tall grass permit insects and rodents to move unnoticed in your yard, offering weeds time to mature and replant.
  4. Check for cracks, holes, and electrical. Besides, plumbing line openings and seal off any you find with caulk.
  5. Look for outside places of your property for bushes and weeds.
  6. Check for standing water and puddles. If you find any, ensure to create and carry out plans to supply drainage.
  7.  Find any debris, rubble, and garbage. Then, take away anything found.
  8. Check around for landscape plants, bushes, tree limbs, and vines reaching your home. Trim them down if they are. They give a roadway for insects to enter your home.
  9. Thoroughly vacuum your house and, if possible, leave pets outside to best control fleas. Thus, has your carpet been cleaned regularly, preferably by a truck mount carpet cleaner that can produce over 70°C steam, killing fleas? If you haven’t, consider doing a pest flea control treatment.

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