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Carpet Dyeing Auckland

Since 1987 Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has been providing carpet cleaning and restoration services. Our carpet dyeing specialists have been providing carpet dyeing for over 20 years.  As time goes by, stains, spots, scratches, and bleach can cause your carpet to lose its natural shine and colour. We are servicing South Auckland North Shore, East, and West Auckland.

On average, most of the carpets that get damaged do so because of matted traffic patterns, chemical spills, and food stains—also pet stains, sun fading, and bleach spots.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Dyeing Repairs Service

Our professionals, at Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Dyeing Auckland company, since 1987, with branches in East South Auckland, North Shore, West Auckland City areas know all the major and minor carpet dyeing methods. Generally, that go into making the carpet dyeing process a huge success. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry provides many custom colours. Makes choosing the colour of your choice easy. The dyes used in these carpet dye processes are non-toxic.

Carpet dyeing is an excellent way to add colour, and vigour back into your old looking, worn out residential carpeting, as well as commercial carpets.

Every colour you see is from the three primary colours – red, blue, and yellow, and black to adjust the shading. To determine the colour of your carpet, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry uses state of the art technology. Indeed, to determine the percentage of each colour on your carpet.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry, then determine the target colour and mix the correct formula needed to dye the carpet.

There Are 3 Primary Types of Carpet Dyeing

  1. Spot Dyeing

  2. Colour Restoration

  3. Full Carpet Dyeing

Spot Dyeing

A term used for adding missing colour back into the carpet due to bleaching etc. Restoring bleaching is similar to complete carpet dyeing. The only difference is instead of choosing a new colour; Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry restore the clour a faded or bleach area to an existing colour

Colour Restoration

When carpets fade in areas such as sun fade from ranch sliders, windows, and even high foot traffic areas. By adding the missing primary colour (s) where the carpet colour is lost or faded.  Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry offers colour restoration so that your present carpet colour gets a brand new look and feel.

Full Carpet Dyeing

Dyeing carpets mainly revolves around the process of changing the actual colour of your carpet to any colour of your choice. If you want to increase the resale value of your house, carpet dyeing is an excellent way to go about it as homes. A clean and well-kept carpet immediately makes the entire house look attractive and welcoming.

A colour match formulation, then it must be put on the carpet hot for it to strike—Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry mix the dye with a dye setter on the carpets. As time passes by, stains, scratches, spots, and bleach can make your carpet to lose its natural shine and colour in East South Auckland North Shore, West Auckland City, and Hibiscus Coast. On average, most of the carpets that get damaged over time, do so because of matted carpet patterns, chemical spills, food stains, pet stains, sun fading, and bleach spots. At Steam n Dry Carpet Dyeing Auckland professionals are thoroughly specialized, and well trained to tackle all kinds of problems.

The dye is then heated in a portable and sprayed onto the carpet. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can apply the new or restored colour around furniture, or with it moved.

Dyeing Carpets

The dye on the carpet dries up quickly because at Steam n Dry Carpet Dyeing Auckland, use the quick-dry method. Ensures that the carpet is back to your home or office area in an efficient and timely manner. Our dyeing processes are of superior quality and offer guaranteed results.

Natural carpet fibres such as wool carpets dye permanently much the same as new carpet, nylon carpets dyes reasonably well too lasting similar to original carpet. Polypropylene carpets are not suitable for carpet dying. If your unsure about what your carpet fibres are, then Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can do a chemical fibre test.

At Steam n Dry Carpet Dyeing Auckland, you need not worry as our professionals are thoroughly specialized and well trained to tackle all kinds of carpet colour problems.

Many people in Auckland choose carpet dyeing when compared to all other carpet restoration procedures. Dyeing is cost-effective on the budget and makes much more sense than paying exorbitantly for a carpet replacement. Dyeing in itself is lasting and odour-free, and it is entirely safe as it does not cause any illness to you or your loved ones. Hence, it works as a good investment.

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Researched and written by Graeme Stephens 2001 IICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician with over 32 years of carpet dying in Auckland experience.

last updated: 16 February 2019

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