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Since 1987, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has been offering carpet dyeing, cleaning, and restoration services, consistently delivering top-notch service for over 36 years and serving clients in South Auckland, North Shore, East, and West Auckland.

On average, most damaged carpets do so because of matted traffic patterns, chemical spills, food stains, pet stains, sun fading, and bleach spots. Hence, stains, marks, scratches, and bleach can cause your carpet to lose its natural shine and colour over time.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Dyeing Auckland Service

Our professionals at Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry  Services, with branches throughout Auckland, are well-versed in carpet dyeing methods. Embarking on the carpet dyeing journey is a significant achievement. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry offers a wide range of high-quality custom colours, making the desired colour a breeze. The products utilised in these carpet dye processes are non-toxic, ensuring safety and quality.

Can carpet be dyed?

Yes! The carpet can be dyed. Carpet Dyeing is an excellent way to add colour and vigour to your old-looking, worn-out residential carpeting and commercial carpets.

Subsequently, to adjust the shading, you’ll see the four primary colours – red, blue, yellow, and black. Likewise, to determine the colour of your carpet, we use the latest state-of-the-art technology. Indeed, our professional technicians can mix the correct formula to dye the carpet.

The Three Primary Types of Carpet Dyeing

  1. Spot Dyeing
  2. Colour Restoration
  3. Full Carpet Dyeing

Spot Dyeing

A term used to describe adding missing colour to a carpet, which may have occurred due to bleaching or other factors and restoring bleaching is similar to complete carpet dyeing. Instead of choosing a new colour, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry restores the colour of a faded or bleached area to an existing paint.

Colour Restoration

Carpets fade in areas such as the sun from ranch sliders, windows, and even high foot traffic areas. Adding the missing primary colours where the rug is lost or faded, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry offers colour restoration so that your present carpet colour gets a brand-new look and feel.

Full Carpet Dyeing

Dyeing carpets mainly revolves around changing your carpet’s colour to any colour you choose. Suppose you wish to enhance the reselling worth of your property. A clean and well-kept carpet makes the entire house look attractive and welcoming.

To ensure optimal results, we apply the high-quality colour-match formulation onto the carpet while it is still hot, allowing it to strike effectively. They expertly combine the dye with a dye setter on the mats by heating the mixture in a portable device before skillfully spraying it onto the carpets. Their team of professionals possesses extensive specialisation and training to handle carpet-related issues. Moreover, their expertise extends to the application and precise placement of new or restored colours, even around furniture.

Dyeing Carpets

At Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Service, we ensure that the dye on your carpets dries up swiftly, allowing for efficient and prompt return of the carpets to your home or office. Indubitably, our Carpet Dyeing processes are of superior quality and offer carpet-guaranteed results. Thus, our carpet dyeing cost is affordable.

Like wool carpets, natural carpet fibres dye permanently, just as new carpets do. Similarly, nylon carpets also stain well and retain colour, lasting comparably to the original carpet. Polypropylene carpets are not suitable for carpet dyeing. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is thoroughly specialised and reliable and can do a chemical fibre test if you need clarification on your carpet fibres. It can even teach you how to DIY carpet dye as well.

Many people in Auckland prefer carpet dyeing to all other carpet restoration procedures. Dyeing is cost-effective within the financial means and is far more logical than overspending for a carpet replacement. Indeed, dyeing is lasting, odour-free, and entirely secure, as it does not result in any ailment to you or your dear ones. Consequently, it functions as a sound investment.

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