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Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is Auckland’s leading service provider for hoarding cleanup and decontamination services, with locations throughout Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can promptly help with complicated biohazard and hoarding cleanup services.

In most cases, the best, superior hoarding cleanup equipment is industrial – truck-mounted, pressure washer extraction, ozone generators, fogging machines and 90-litre dehumidifiers. So you get the best cleanup service job possible!

 As a part of Steam ‘n’ Dry Hoarding Cleanup Auckland Services, Auckland Steam n Dry offers:

The 24-hour Biohazard Division of Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Services specialises in cleaning biohazard scenes involving body fluids, blood, infectious diseases, airborne pathogens, moulds, crime scenes, and odour removal.

Since 1987, our professional staff has helped numerous hoarders. Therefore, their families overcome getting help by clearing out homes and consisting of background-checked, drug-tested, highly trained individuals. Who knows how to clean out a hoarder’s house in a productive, efficient, and caring service manner? Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry also understands that hoarding cleanup service is an emotional experience.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

When you need an expert hoarding cleaning service team, the experts at Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry are the service providers to call. Hoarders affect everyone, the hoarder, the family, and the neighbourhood. Auckland Steam n Dry relieves those affected by hoarding, so get the cleanup service. Of course, the additional support they need.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry helps before, during and after the hoarding cleanup. Indeed, to help sufferers heal both inside and out. From devising customs, as a result, discreet cleanup service optional plans to arranging counsel from social workers or psychologists.

Every hoarding cleanup service job is different. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry knows how to enter a hoarder’s home discreetly. Clean up the accumulation of paper, objects, garbage, or whatever items have overcrowded the house. To the point of being a safety hazard, leave your home in a safe, clean, and healthy condition.

If you or someone you love requires hoarding cleanup services, call the caring team at Auckland Steam n Dry or schedule a cleanup at 0800 783266.

Affordable Cleanup Service

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is known throughout Auckland for its caring, professional, and affordable hoardings cleanup service. Also, employees are well-trained in hoarding disorder. Each staff member attends the training, including the psychology behind the disease and triggers that cause hoarding.

Hoarding Cleaning Dangers

Hoardings and decontamination cleaning services also have many health and safety risk factors. People attempting hoarding cleaning may be at risk while handling contaminated materials or breathing in polluted air.

Asking internal personnel to clean up hoarder homes can expose them to potential health risks, and they must prepare for it. In our experienced view, hoarding cleanup, biohazard and decontamination cleaning should not be tried by anyone. Unless trained, wearing the correct protective clothing, and having the right equipment.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleaning Service

FDA-Approved Disinfectant Kills 99.99% of Coronaviruses, Bacteria, Germs and Mould Sanitising Services.

Due to the current COVID-19 Coronavirus, our cleaners have suitable PPE, including P95 respirator masks and gloves. If our Auckland Carpet Cleaner is not wearing a COVID-19 coronavirus mask or gloves, and you would feel more comfortable if he was, please ask the office or carpet cleaner, too. Ask about our  Coronavirus COVID-19 sanitising clean. Therefore, mist application treatments are available for upholstery, mattresses, curtains, carpets, and more.

House Hoarding Cleanup Guarantee

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Staff are most professional during your most stressful time, so we will always do our best to help. Indeed, our Auckland staff are experts in this clutter decontamination cleanup.

Indeed, helping hoarders isn’t always easy or more accessible for the hoarder. Find an excellent place to start if you are a hoarder looking to help yourself or a loved one who wants to help a hoarder. Firstly, why should you have a house cleaning? Secondly, what are the consequences of hoarding cleanup? Lastly, how should you approach a hoarder about cleaning up? Hence, our office can provide free quotations discreetly. Schedule your free onsite consultation and estimate today!

Call 0800 783-266 or email Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry for the experts in hoarding cleanup.


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