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Graeme Stephens provides the following information on tile and grout cleaning in Auckland. He is an IICRC Certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician with over 36 years of experience. This information can help you decide on your tile and grout cleaning in West Auckland, North Shore, East Auckland, South Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Routine grout cleaning keeps grime, germs, and bacteria out of your home. It also safeguards against discolouration and prevents tiles from breaking down due to mildew, mould, and moisture. It is necessary to know how to clean grout. Even though there are many ways of cleaning grout, the simplest way to clean, kill germs, and get rid of stains is by using a steam cleaner. For the professionals at Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services, call 0800 110 282 or email us.

So, it’s time to have your tile and grout cleaned. Indeed, you’ve probably thought about getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing with whatever cleaning product you see recommended by DYI videos online. Then it hits you, and cleaning your tile or grout is difficult. That’s when you know it’s time to hire a Professional Grout Cleaner. But what should you look for when hiring a Grout Cleaning Service?

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Choose The Best Grout Cleaning Auckland Service

The Price

Getting caught up in a coupon mailer’s low cost per sq ft price is easy, but what does it include?

Ensure that your Grout Cleanings Auckland Service includes alkaline and an Acid Rinse. The reason behind this is two-fold:

1) The Acid will neutralise any alkalinity left behind after the cleaning to ensure that your tile and grout will be pH neutral and not allow specks of dirt to stick to them quickly.

2) Multiple cleaning passes to ensure your Grout cleaning is as thorough as possible so you are sealing in the dirt. Permanently seal your tile and grout after cleaning. Ensure the service professional includes closing off the grout in their pricing, as Steam n Dry Tile and Grout Cleaning Auckland Services do.

Ensure A Premium Truck Mounted Powerful Steam Cleaning

Many tile and grout cleaning service providers are out there, and quite a few are not running truck-mounted equipment. Some companies use floor buffers or portable equipment to perform a Grout Cleaning Service. Floor buffers and portable machines do not provide the pressure or heat extraction required for a comprehensive cleaning. It differs from saying everyone with a Truck Mount has the same equipment. A serious Cleaning Service invests in high-quality Truck-mounted equipment, with some units costing upwards of $60,000. That only considers some accessories and chemicals needed to clean your tile and grout. Steam ‘n’ Dry Tile and Grout Cleaning Auckland Service uses truck-mounted steam extraction units to get into the grout and pores for a premium clean.

Is The Grout Cleaner Trained And Experienced

The most crucial factor is the service technician performing the work. Does the company properly train its technicians, and what is their experience level? Does the company guarantee their work? These are all critical factors to consider when hiring a Grout Cleaner. Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Service Technicians have 30 years of Grout cleaning experience. Getting the best technician can be more critical than selecting the company and ensuring a rock-solid guarantee to back up its service.

At Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Services, we provide more value for our Grout Cleaning Service and unique service experience!

Grout Cleaning Methods 

Tiled areas are the most beautiful areas in your home. Hence, Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Services has eight simple tips to clean your tiled areas and keep them looking like they’re brand new.

  1. Clean and maintain your tiles regularly.

    Wash tiled kitchen areas at least 2-3 times per week. If they aren’t, food and other dirt particles will, in a short time, build up in the grout. A quick wipe-down will do the job; do it daily. Shower, as well as bath tiles, need a 1-2 times per week grout cleaning. P against any build-up of dirt, soap scum, and mildew.

  2. Tile grout floor areas

    Use a one-to-one vinegar/water solution ratio with 2- 3 tablespoons of baking soda per quart of water. Spray it on and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes, then scrub it with a grout brush (or old toothbrush). After that, rinse with water and dry thoroughly. The vinegar will break down the dirt and other grime in the grout cleaning. Adding 2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the mixture can make it more heavy-duty cleaner.

  3. Use tools such as a scraper first to remove dirt from tiles

    Heavy-duty grout brush for hard-to-reach areas like around the bath and sink fixtures. Thus, wet a whole tile area, wait a few minutes and scrub the grout. Rinse thoroughly and then dry using an old towel. Use soap or baking soda on the toothbrush if you want extra power for the tiny crevices.

  4. Never use complex chemicals to clean grout.

    Harsh chemicals eat away at the grout, and tile damages it over time. Use mild solutions such as one-to-one vinegar, lemon juice, plain water or commercial grout cleaners.

  5. Protect tile and grout after cleaning. 

    The front door. And in front of the sink in the kitchen, benefit from an extra layer of protection. With a mat in the way, dirt can only get into the grout slowly. But make sure you clean the rugs regularly.

  6. To brighten as well as whiten grout and tiles, use bleach

    However, ensure you only use it on white surfaces, bleach-coloured areas or coloured grout. Allow the bleach to sit on the site for about 10 minutes, rinse with water, and dry. (For fixing stains on coloured tiles, see tip #8.)

  7. Seal your grout before cleaning.

    It prevents dirt and grime from getting trapped, making it more straightforward to do the cleaning.

  8. Fresh lemon juice cleans grout.

Away stains in the grout. Put a few drops on the discoloured tile and grout area, wait 10 – 15 minutes and wipe it dry. Lemon juice is another disinfectant that makes your home smell fresh and invigorating.

Last but not least, have fun cleaning! Take it easy in your shining house. Contact Steam ‘n’ Dry professionals for more tile and grout cleaning tips. Call 0800 783-266 or email.


Last Updated: 15 May 2024 By Graeme Stephens.


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