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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

We do help others to know how to clean their own carpets but we also have the best carpet cleaning methods. It depends on:

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning Methods 

Professional carpet cleaners will advise you in detail on the best method for your home or business.

Floors are wet for 1- 6 hours depending on the equipment being used by the technicians and including the weather.

This is the information you should know about the carpet cleaning method and options.

Cleaning method                                  Best for                                           Advantages     

Steam/hot water extraction    Residential and commercial.        Hot water extraction better choice.

Bonnet Dry Chem                        Ideal as interim clean only             Is not a deep restorative clean. Leaves residue.

Foam Cleaning                            Hallways so large traffic areas.      Foam is a safer choice, because less aerosol

Carpet  Shampoo                        Areas regularly cleaned such as commercial and retail areas.

Encapsulation Cleaning          Convenient less effective Commercial areas with high traffic so the appearance

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Most Commonly Used Carpet Cleaning Methods

Steam Cleaning

The best steam cleaning methods involve a number of stages and to be sure a thorough pre-vacuum steam cleaning machine can be a great way to keep many of the surfaces in your home spotless as a result. In addition,  agitation of the cleaning solution into the pile of the carpet, hot water extraction and of course deodorizing. (Including the rinsing of the carpets with a neutralizing agent).

There are 2 types of steam cleaning: Truck mount steam carpet cleaners are the most noteworthy, definitely the more effective carpet cleaning method, and portable steam cleaning is good for apartments and high rise buildings.


This is an older method. A cleaning solution will be applied to the carpets using a circular brush. The rotary action of the brush truly creates a foam that traps the soil. However, this method consequently leaves a resoling residue.  In other words, there are better carpet cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning

This type of method is the most popular, chem-dry cleaning in Auckland.  In general, it uses chemicals and heat for the cleaning process to break down the “oily” build up in the fiber of the carpet. Absorbent pads rotate at high speed under a rotary machine definitely (floor polisher type unit called, bonnet buffer) picking up the soils and oils in the carpet. It’s like cleaning your hair with a towel. This procedure has issues as a result, it leaves a resoling residue.

Spots and stain treatment of carpets, in addition to the solvent-based carpet cleaners solution, therefore the dry cleaning process. A carpet dry carpet cleaning service should also include the application of a neutralizing rinse as well as sanitizing and deodorizing.  

Foam Cleaning

The product used in this method is foam. In detail, the unit generates the foam that uses brushes in order to rub the foam on the carpet. There are better carpet cleaning methods.

Absorbent compound (encapsulation) Cleaning

There are better carpet cleaning methods. Leaves re-soiling residue.

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