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Kill & Rid Fleas Service in Aucklandkill fleas

Graeme Stephens an IICRC certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician with 32 Years of killing fleas experience. He wrote this flea control information to help you make an informed decision for your kill fleas elimination.

For the professionals at Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services 1987. Phone 0800 110 282, or email us in West Auckland, North Shore, East, South Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

There are 2 Primary Flea Control Options

Precautionary Flea Control

Precautionary flea control treatment at the start of a minor flea problem. We can control fleas, using a specialized spray application. – By using a combination of natural and also synthetic pyrethrin’s which kills fleas. Fleas can be a real problem in today’s world. Especially if you own a carpet and upholstery inside your home and you have pets. Some times you just need to get a kill fleas treatment.

Kill Fleas Cycle Elimination Guaranteed

If there is already an existing problem with fleas or flea infestation; we, therefore, need more than a standard control treatment. We need to break the flea breeding cycle. The only way to break the cycle is to do an effective and guaranteed combination of removing the eggs.  Also, by removing most of the fleas. We know that fleas die in over 55 Celsius water/steam.

The most effective way to do this is by using a powerful vacuum truck mount machine that employs over 55 Celsius steam. First, to kill the fleas, and remove as much as possible of the fleas eggs.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry uses powerful vacuum truck mounts, which heats the steam to 80 – 84 Celsius. Then pests spray application is used using a combination of natural and synthetic pyrethrins’.

How to Kill Home Fleas in Auckland

The thought of fleas is enough to make most people’s skin crawl and itch. But a flea infestation can happen through no fault of your own. Unlike other pests, fleas do not have wings. They get around by jumping from surface to surface.

Fleas are tiny to the naked eye. They can be invisible, especially when the larvae are developing into an adult flea. Waiting until an infestation has developed can mean it’s more difficult to exterminate, as they can become established very quickly. infestation to develop can be tricky to eradicate once they have become established

If the fleas keep coming back, or you want to ensure the complete removal, just contact our expert technicians.

If the fleas keep coming back, or you want to ensure the complete removal, just contact our experts. Our ASD Certified Technicians know what to do when it comes to getting rid of fleas. They understand the habits of different flea species and can offer the most appropriate and effective solution for your specific flea issue.

Flea Control

Steam ‘n’ Dry Flea Control Auckland service uses multiple approaches – combining innovative 85C hot steam followed with a flea targeted pest control application. Targeted spray treatments over two or three visits, depending on the severity of the infestation in West Auckland Central City CBD, North Shore, East, South Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

FDA Rated Disinfectant Kills 99.99% of Corona Viruses, Bacteria Germs, & Mould Sanitising Services.

Written by: Graeme Stephens 2001 IICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician with over 32 years of kill flea control services in Auckland experience.

Published: 18 April 2020

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