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Flea Control Auckland

Auckland Steam n Dry is uniquely best equipped for most effective flea control. Here’s why:flea control auckland

To properly and effectively break the flea cycle, you need more than just a flea control spray or bomb. The problem with a flea infestation, is there are flea eggs usually in the hundreds, that hatch after the flea spray treatment or bomb has dissipated.

The only way to effectively break the flea infestation firstly is to thoroughly clean the carpet and upholstery with a powerful carpet cleaning steam clean machine as possible. Therefore, removing the eggs and the bulk of the fleas. Then, as part of the flea control system which effectively breaks the whole flea infestation cycle; apply the pest control product to kill the remaining fleas.

Auckland Steam n Dry use the largest, most powerful truck mount steam carpet cleaning units in Auckland and New Zealand. As a result, we can offer a full guarantee which most pest control companies will not offer. Because they will often need to return to redo the flea controller treatment to try to kill the newly hatched fleas.  With this re-treatment, it is still not very effective because there may be new eggs waiting to hatch after the redo pest treatment has dissipated.

Steam Clean and Flea Control Combo

Auckland Steam n Dry has been servicing Auckland for 31 years now since 1987. We have certified pest control service staff, that includes pest control applications and hazardous substance handlers.

Generate pest control company will not tell you they are not really capable of providing you with the most effective flea control service option. Because they are not equipped with these $40,000 truck mount steam carpet cleaners.

Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning and Flea Control

Auckland Steam n Dry has been providing killing fleas control services since 1987. Servicing West Auckland, North Shore, Auckland City. Manukau, South Auckland CBD.  


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