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Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry 1987 has large Ozone Solution Generator Machines on wheels, suitable for controlling odour. Ozone Virus Disinfecting specialises in disinfecting against coronaviruses such as SARS in workplaces, public areas, and homes across South Auckland, North Shore, East Auckland, West Auckland, and the Hibiscus Coast.

Ozone Kills Coronaviruses

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For more than 100 years, ozone virus disinfection has been a killer of the virus in nature. Also, hospitals worldwide widely use Ozone generators for disinfection and sterilisation. Similarly, Ozone disinfecting kills the most dangerous viruses, such as SARS and COVID-19 Coronavirus.

China Using Ozone as a Powerful Weapon to Disinfect and Kill Novel Coronavirus in Quarantine and Hospitals

Because of this, Ozone is the primary weapon in the global fight against COVID-19. Therefore, China uses Ozone gas as its primary COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) disinfecting. Call Auckland Steam n Dry decontamination division on 0800 783-266 for Ozone COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Disinfecting and Cleaning Services. Furthermore, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has a large stock of Industrial-strength Ozone generators. Ozone generators are used to disinfect virus contamination and kill odour-causing bacteria.

Auckland Ozone Virus Disinfecting

Ozone is Proven to eliminate 99.9% of SARS coronavirus. Additionally, Ozone is the most effective method of killing viruses such as SARS, COVID-19, microorganisms, pathogens, and bacteria. It also makes sense why China uses it as a powerful weapon against the virus in quarantine facilities, hospitals, and public transport.

Let’s take a look at its advantages:

Ozone Odour Removal

Steam ‘n’ Dry Ozone Auckland Solutions uses domestic and commercial ozone odour applications in homes, apartments, and small businesses throughout South Auckland, North Shore, Eastern Bays, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast. Ozone solutions control and remove odour.

Our Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry large ozone generators can remove odour from your living areas, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. It can remove unwanted smells, such as odours caused by cooking, pets, bacteria, and cigarette smoke. Ozone provides clean, fresh, deodorised air within your home. It has been used successfully for many years. Only recently have technological advancements allowed for the distribution of ozone-based odour elimination and sanitising gas into residential and commercial environments.

Benefits Of Ozone For Odour Control

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry ozone generators effectively remove:

▪ Persistent cooking odours, such as those from fried fish and curry.
▪ Unpleasant pet-related smells from cats and dogs or their smelly beddings.
▪ Cigarettes from curtains, upholstery, and carpet from a room filled with smoke.
▪ Paint odours after decorating.
▪ From the foul smell of dead vermin, such as decaying rodents.
▪ Pets or urine odours from bathrooms and other areas.

Ozone Virus Disinfecting Has Three Attributes.

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Created by ozone generators, Ozone can reach every corner of the environment. Hence, it can overcome the problem that ultraviolet sterilisation can only go straight up and down, leaving some places unsterilised. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry decontamination division Industrial-size ozone generators help disinfect bacteria, viruses and microorganisms contamination zones.

High detergency

Oxidising bacteria and viruses with no poisonous residue is how Ozone works. On the contrary, the chemical disinfectant we use now harms the human body and will cause a secondary population of toxic waste.


Large or small equipment can be used for a single room and ample public spaces. It can also be used on public transportation modes such as buses, hospitals, railways, quarantine or isolation zones, ships, and aeroplanes. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry decontamination division offers these clean disinfecting services. Certainly, Ozone generators effectively disinfect bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms contamination zones.

The Effectiveness Of Ozone Virus Disinfecting In Treating Bacteria And Viruses

Even so, the Ozone kills the SARS virus and coronavirus effectively. It relates to its concentration, temperatures, humidity, exposure time, and bacteria strains. It will cause discomfort or irritate mucous membranes when it reaches a certain concentration level.

The experiment results on how Ozone kills the SARS virus were conducted by the national P3 laboratory headed by Professor Li Zelin. Ozone effectively kills the SARS virus inoculated on green monkey kidney cells, achieving a mortality rate of 99.22%. The virus originating from Wuhan and the SARS virus both fall under coronaviruses. Studies have revealed that the novel coronavirus shares an 80% resemblance to the SARS virus in its genetic sequences. It is logical to infer that Ozone is equally efficacious in preventing and managing the novel coronavirus.

Amid the epidemic, we can heighten standards for indoor ozone levels. Try using it for disinfection and sterilisation in the human environment. Fortunately, Zhang Yue has donated ozone-generating purifiers to Huoshenshan Hospital and cubic hospitals.

Ozone Kills Bacteria, Microorganisms, And Viruses

The relationship between ozone generators and microorganisms highlights the delicate balance within Earth’s ecosystems. Even so, strong oxidating will kill bacteria and viruses. People understand that it still requires further improvement.

Ozone generators help disinfect bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in contamination zones. The large or small equipment is for a single room and ample public space. Also, it can be in public transportation modes such as quarantine and isolation zones, buses, hospitals, railways, ships, and aeroplanes.

Indeed, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry’s extensive solution services must secure Ozone Generators for the new coronavirus epidemic. We must work together to defeat viral outbreaks. However, we recommend regular disinfecting treatments to protect ourselves from the viruses.

SARS Coronavirus Disinfection Price

This cost is $75 + GST per day per Large ozone generator hire, including setting up and a manual hot spot disinfecting clean using a biohazard hospital-grade disinfectant, an FDA-approved for coronaviruses that has the same active ingredients we use. An average 140 square meter house requires an industrial ozone generator for three days, costing $150 plus a $160 setup and pickup fee, excluding GST. Therefore, the minimum biohazard corona disinfection service is $150 for commercial pro-rate pricing for 1000sqm with a 20% discount.


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