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Dust Mite Control

High concentrations of dust mite allergens are a significant risk factor for the development of allergies dust-mite-control-aucklandand related diseases. Such as asthma and allergies. 80% of children and young adults with asthma are sensitive to dust mites.  Studies suggest that more than 45% of Auckland homes have bedding with dust mite concentrations. Generally, exceed a level for allergic reaction. Learn more about dust mite control in your environment.

Dust mites are microscopic pests (smaller than a quarter of a millimeter) that like in warm, dark, with RH humidity levels over 50%. They love bedding because that is where they have a good food source: They eat human, and animal skin.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland service owner Graeme Stephens has suffered from acute asthma and allergies for over 50 years. Since 1987 Graeme and the business have researched and experimented with killing and removing dust mites. As well as other allergens from his own home.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland is best equipped for the most effective dust mite control. See below:

It is well known that dust mites die when exposed to over 55-Celsius temperatures. Its also well known that vacuuming is good for helping control dust mites and their feces. However, household vacuums only generate approximately 1-2 HG of vacuum power. Generally, an often exhaust contaminated waste air back inside the home. This is where Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland can help.

The Steam ‘n’ Dry Dust Mite Control Auckland truck mount cleaners have been modified to generate 85-Celsius steam at the point of contact and adjustable PSI. As well as 26 HG of vacuum power. These truck mounts are approximately double the power of all or most of the other truck mount cleaners in Auckland. Approx 5 times more performance than portable carpet cleaners.

For the Best Germ Allergen Free Night Sleep Get Your Mattresses 70 C Hot Steam Cleaned

Even without an asthmatic in your home, regular mattress cleaning is important for your health and the health of your family. Indeed by giving you a good night’s sleep, feeling comfortable, and able to breathe well. Knowing that your bed is free of germs, viruses, allergens, dust mites, and other pathogens. Steam ‘n’ Dry Dust Mite Control Auckland used 85-Celsius hot steam which effectively kills and removes asthma allergens. Such as dust mites, bacteria, germs, also, pollens.

It is a fact that most mattresses contain bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and even mold. This nasty can lead to anything from skin allergies right through to respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Having your mattress regularly cleaned by Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland will ensure your mattress is kept clean, healthy, hygienic. Therefore, free of any unwanted bed guests by killing and removing dust mite asthma allergens.

For over 30 years we’ve been providing Auckland with a cleaner, healthier home in West Auckland, North Shore, West, East, and South Auckland mattress cleaning.

Our Dust-Mite Services

With these powerful truck-mounted cleaners of Steam ‘n’ Dry Dust Mite Control Auckland, the wastewater with dust mites and other allergens contaminate, and air goes through a filtration system than are exhausted outside, not inside your home.

Kill Dust Mites

To effectively kill dust mites and keep them controlled Graeme Stephens at Steam ‘n’ Dry Dust Mite Control Auckland recommends the following:

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland is best equipped for the most effective dust mite control. Here’s why:

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