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Carpet Stain Removal

Our Truck mount units are the most effective carpet stain removal Auckland wide. In fact, 97% of carpet stains removed.

Auckland Steam n Dry owner Graeme Stephens has 31 years carpet stain removal experience. In addition, he’s also a 2001 IICRC Certified “Master carpet stain removalRestoration Technician”. Consider calling Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry professional stain removal cleaning services. To learn more about in-depth, heavy-duty carpet cleaning treatments.

Let’s face it, it is bound to happen to all of us at one time or another. You take every precaution to protect your carpet in hopes that no accidents or carpet stains will ever occur and ruin its beauty. But in an instant, a mishap can occur with a spill, gum, burn, or your beloved pet that just could not hold it any longer. What do you do but panic and reach for the nearest available cloth to remove the carpet stain? Whoa – hold on and take a moment before you treat the stain.

There are many ways that you can remove carpet stains, but it is good to know how and armed with some tried and true stain removal methods to remove the carpet stains, because, it can be a larger challenge if they are not treated with the proper care when they occur. So take a deep breath, read on and that stain will vanish before too long.

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Stain Remover Guide

Gum Removal

Freeze with an ice cube. Then flake off with a knife.
Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet stain removal do gum stain removal treatment for approx $17.

Wax Removal

Place a paper towel over wax. Then place an iron on top Of paper for 15-second Intervals.  Replace paper & repeat.
Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry stain removal do wax stain remover for approx $35.

Blood Removal

Blot excess up with a white cloth/towel. Apply cold water sparingly Blot. Disinfect Then blot out again.  If you own a wet-dry vacuum extractor use that to remove excess moisture.  Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry do carpet blood stain removal treatment for approx $59.

Ink Removal

Blot excess up with a paper towel, first of all, acetone.  avoid working the stain Into the carpet backing or spreading it.  If you own a wet-dry vacuum extractor use that to remove excess moisture. Call 376-7007 immediately. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry provide ink stain removal for $35.

Coffee Removal

Blot excess up with a white cloth towel. Then, furthermore, mix a solution of fifty percent white vinegar, and, fifty percent water.  Apply, Blot up access If unsuccessful call 376-7007. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can do your coffee carpet stain removal treatment for  $39.

Drinks – Food Dye Color

Blot excess up with a white cloth or towel. This will often need a specialized,  2 part heat transfer removal.  Call 376-7007.
Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can do coffee stain remover treatment for a cost of $29.

Dirt Stain Removal

Wait till dried then dry vacuum thoroughly. Then follow the directions guide. If unsuccessful call 376-7007
Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet stain removal, therefore, dirt stain removal treatment for $15.

Lipstick Removal

Scrape excess off carefully with a knife.  If you own a wet-dry vacuum extractor use that to remove excess moisture. If stain remains phone 376-7007. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry provide lip stick stain removal $35.

Paint Removal

Blot excess paint up with a white cloth or towel.  If you own a wet dry vacuum, use that to remove excess moisture. Then call Auckland Wide at 376-7007.  We do carpets paint stain removal from $30.

Pet Urine Removal

Sometimes dog urine accidents have already dried because you didn’t originally see it happen. You can find dried urine stains on your carpet with a black light. Hand held black lights are quite inexpensive usually costing between $115 – $200. You can often see the stain or find the odors by using your nose instead.

The next step, therefore, is to mix a solution of fifty percent white vinegar, also, fifty percent water.  Get the solution in with a scrubbing brush to ensure it penetrates the carpet fibers below. Now blot the area again using the paper towel method above. The vinegar will, first of all, neutralize the alkaline, and, ammonia in the dog urine. If you own a wet-dry vacuum, use that to extract moisture.  Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can, therefore, do stain remove urine from $39.

Red Wine Stain Removal

1. Blot up as much of the red wine stain as possible by using a clean white cloth.  If you own a wet dry vacuum,  use that to remove excess moisture.
2. Pour cold water onto the red wine stain, also, blot up the stained area again. Finally, until no more stain can be removed.
3. Use a 4-1 baking soda water paste on the red wine stain. Allow it to dry before vacuuming up.  If you own a wet dry vac, use that to dry
4. If red wine stain remains, apply a carpet stain removal chemical according to the directions, or call us soon. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can wine stain removal from $49.

Problem Stain

With this day & age of new technologies there some surprisingly good remedies for carpet stains, such as Paint, drinks, watermarks, urine, tar, rust, dye etc – We use professional specialized methods such as:

Heat Transfer: The two-part dye remover solution is, first of all, applied, furthermore, transferred on to a towel with the aid of a hot iron.
Stain Dying: The affected stain is reduced in color, also, re-dyed to the proper color, as a result, the same acid dyes as the carpets manufacturer
Corrective Insert: As with rotten carpet, the affected Piece of carpet is replaced with a good piece.

Carpet Stain Removal

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry have been successfully removing the following carpet & upholstery stains.  Juice, sweat, perspiration, mustard stain removal, also, remove mildew hard water, grass.  rug, lipstick, coffee stain remover, rust, milk, and, coffee, blood, mustard, dog urine stain, pet stains. Dirty carpet, dog urine, ink, red wine stains, therefore, vomit, oil, clean carpet stain, chewing gum stain. Paint, grass, dried blood, removing tea, so, tea stain remover, lipstick. 

Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal

Carpets are subjected to a wide range of soils and it depends on where the carpet is located. Public areas are, most of all, affected by chewing gum, candy, grease and oil stains, cigarette burns, food, and, beverage spills. If left these soils will become really had to successfully carpet stain removal.

There is a great difference between, either, a soil, stain and a set in dye stain. The former is a soluble substance, so, can be easily removed by an ordinary cleaning process. The latter is a substance that has dyed, as a result, altered a fabric or carpet fiber,s color, therefore, it may not be removed by an ordinary cleaning process. A stain that is lighter compared to the fabric or fiber, may be very difficult if not impossible to remove, due to, dye loss. The only option left is dying, so, carpet stain dying or carpet restoration dying.

Immediate action along with the proper removal chemicals, also, following correct procedures can keep stains under control. At all times, first of all, test the fiber in an inconspicuous area, first of all, before using the stain removal chemical. 

There are a number of good, carpet cleaning stain removal spotting products, on the market.  That is efficient at removing both water-soluble and oil-based stains.  this carpet stain removal guide may help you either DIY or get the best stain removal service. These carpet stain removal products will remove, most of all, the stains you will come across.

TIP: The most significant piece of advice is to, first of all, remove the stain before it becomes a stain. Keep in mind, what may come out today may not come out tomorrow. All manufacturers set out instructions on how their stain removal products work and what types of stains they will remove.

Stain Removal Guide
  1. First, test stain spotting fluid on carpet fiber before using.
  2. Apply water before, and, after most stain spotting procedures, excluding ink.
  3. Begin stain removal treatment as soon as possible.
  4. Use the correct stain spotting fluid.
  5. Employ the correct strategies, such as, starting at the outer edge of the stain, and, work at the center.
  6. Never rub or brush too hard. This can, as a result, damage the fiber that, maybe, will be worse. Just blot or dab.
  7. Do not over wet by rushing the job, therefore, dry up as much as possible through blotting with towels.
  8. Never allow the treated area to, finally, dry too slowly.
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