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The following flood drying and dehumidification information is from Graeme Stephens. Indeed, he is an IICRC Certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician. Certainly, Graeme has over 36 years of flood restoration, building drying, dehumidifier for hire, air mover blower and carpet dryer rental in Auckland. Thus, to help you make an informed decision for your flood or drying dehumidification needs. For professionals from Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services, call 0800 110 282 or email us.

Auckland’s best value is the largest commercial dehumidifier rental delivered and installed per your needs.

It is the primary drying off of a bit of water-damaged or structural building drying. Pre-line moisture tests – building frame drying. Specifically, our best prices per capacity industrial dehumidifier rental and service can help save. In fact, since 1987, Steam ‘n’ Dry Dehumidifier for Hire Auckland Service has offered the best value for drying needs, including West Auckland, North Shore, East and South Auckland.

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Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can do emergency building or carpet drying services and flood restoration, especially where essential services are required to maintain human health and safety.

Cheap Large Dehumidifier Rental

We offer the best value commercial dehumidifier for hire throughout Auckland-wide.

Steam n Dry Auckland Service offers a significant commercial dehumidifier rental hire rate, generally about half price. Expressly, per performance compared with the costs of Auckland rental shops and other drying service competition. Steam N Dry Dehumidifier for Hire Auckland offers the best value per capacity of $85 + GST daily. For a 90-litre per-day capacity dehumidifier rental (Min 3 days).

Indeed, our dehumidifier rental, air mover blowers and carpet dryer fans are also much cheaper at a better value. Perhaps, in comparison to hiring shops and drying services. 2800 CFM carpet dry blowers are only $35 + GST per day. This has a minimum of three days but includes setup.

Generally, for weekly rent, the daily rent is $65 per day for the dehumidifier and $20 per day for the air mover blower rental, excluding GST.

Then, the daily rent is $85  for the dehumidifier and $35 per day for the air mover blower rental for less than three days. However, these prices exclude GST.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Dehumidifier Hire Auckland Service caters to whatever your drying needs may be, from:

Dehumidifier Rental And Air Mover Blower Fan Dry Rental

Indeed, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry air mover fan blowers and carpet dryers are much cheaper and have better value than Auckland dry hire shops and rental service people. The 2800 CFM industrial carpet dry blower fan for rent is just $35 + GST per day based on three days or more. Moreover, our air mover blower fan and dehumidifiers can move large volumes for quick drying.

In addition, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Service is often called the Auckland drying specialist. Also, they provide expert building drying, construction hire dryers, and mould removal services with a guarantee.

Auckland Council Pre-Line Test Building Drying

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has the most significant industrial energy efficiency dehumidifier units throughout Auckland. We have provided quality air mover, turbo blower dryers, and industrial dehumidifier rental services since 1987. We serve residential and commercial clients, particularly builders and construction companies, with high standards of the National Carpet Cleaners Association for water damage restoration and attention to Council regulations.

Indeed,  we usually recommend four industrial dehumidifiers and 2 to 4 blower air movers for five days to draw the moisture content out of the building frame. We are starting from up to 28% moisture content below 18% per the Auckland Council requirements.

In conclusion, Graeme Stephens shares this dehumidification and drying information—an IICRC-certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician. So you can decide on your dry hire building drying needs. Thus, call Auckland Steam n Dry on 0800 783-266 or email us for the best industrial dehumidifier rental with branches throughout West Auckland, North Shore, East & South Auckland.


Updated Last: 15 May 2024 By Graeme Stephens (IICRC Master Technician Certified)

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