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carpet stain protection

Carpet Stain Protection

Furniture treated with the proper stain protection looks and lasts better for longer, so you can enjoy it stress-free while saving repair and stain removal costs for the long term. Indeed, carpet stain protection treatments minimise the damage before it happens.

Let our professionals apply our Dupont Teflon furniture and carpet protection to your Auckland home or office furnishings. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry will come to you at South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.

Repels Dirt And Stains

It’s good to see how bright and clean your carpet looks right after cleaning. You can keep it looking fresh with carpet stain protection. Stain protectors, first of all, form an invisible shield around each fibre, which resists stains.

Teflon Advanced uses DuPont, providing more repellent than any other carpet protector. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to stand by before staining. Dirt stains cling to untreated carpet and quickly become in the fibres. Carpet stain protection, furthermore, keeps dirt from sticking to the fibres, making carpets easier for stain care.

Proper stain protection is secure with Teflon. We’ll visit your home and apply a stain-protecting solution to your sofa and carpet. The technician will form an invisible layer that will not change its look or feel. You may use a professional agent carpet cleaner from Auckland’s Steam ‘n’ Dry Teflon Carpet Stain Protection.

It dries quickly and leaves no odour when applied with fine mister spray. As a result, it is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets. Solvent-free!

DuPont and Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry recommend carpet stain protection after cleaning the carpet. Even wool carpets can benefit from carpet stain protection for wool carpets. With the application of a carpet stain shield, you know your carpet is protected with a quality product.

Stain Protection Works

Carpet and fabric upholstery can be stain-protected from the following types of soil and staining:

Stop Dirt and Stains in Their Tracks.

The next time you have your carpet cleaning, ask for a Teflon stain carpet protector because of it:

A carpet or upholstery stain protector is best utilised after a thorough truck mount upholstery or carpet cleaning when the carpet and fabric upholstery are clean and fresh. More than simple vacuuming won’t effectively remove soil and dirt trapped under the protective layer. Also, when the fibres are pure, the Protector will stick better, providing better protection for your upholstery or carpet fibre in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast.

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Teflon Carpet Stain Protection

Long-lasting protection with extra repel. It helps carpets stay cleaner, brighter, newer, and fresher through daily wear. Also, it creates a shield around each of the carpet fibres. Indeed, carpet protection provides more water repellent than other leading carpet stain protectors, along with topsoil & stain protection. 

Supposedly, you can protect your newly cleaned carpet and furniture in a few minutes. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry, experienced technicians spray on the Protector after the cleaning to provide the perfect finish to your carpet and upholstery maintenance.

The improved stain repels of the Teflon carpet stain protector provide extra time to clean up spills and minimise wick-up and the spreading of pigments. Carpet stain protection is more resistant to oil and water-based stains than ever. Thanks to its higher repel! They keep dirt from sticking to fibres. Dirt and stains cling to untreated carpet; as a result, they quickly settle in the threads. Teflon Carpet stain protector creates a shield around the carpet’s fibres to keep dirt from lodging within the carpet. The same keeps foods from sticking to pots, and pans prevent dirt and grime from sticking to the mat.

Are you wondering what makes carpets and upholstery repel fluids and spills when they’re new? How come they bead up rather than get absorbed in the fabric? Luckily, your carpet cleaning professional, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry, can quickly restore this protection by applying commercial-quality Dupont Teflon stain and spill protection to your carpet or upholstered furniture.

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Stain Guard

Keeping her carpet looking like new is now easier than ever. A professional carpet cleaning will brighten and freshen the carpet. But every time someone walks into her house, they track in dirt spill stains. She needs to protect her freshly clean rug with a carpet stain protector. DuPont recommends the application of carpet and upholstery stain protectors every 2-3 cleaning sessions on all carpet types—even those with built-in soil and stain protection. 

Fabric Protection has a 3-5 year Lifespan.

Buying new carpets or furniture comes straight from the factory with stain and spill protection. Unfortunately, this protection doesn’t last forever. Over time, it wears away with regular use by walking on the carpet and sitting on the sofa. Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning removes some of this protection as well. Still, carpet cleaning is needed because the soil and other contaminants build up and can cause further damage and health issues if left undisturbed.

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Stain Protection FAQs

Can stain protection be applied to the upholstery?

Teflon works on upholstery less subject to flood damage than silk and other fabrics. Teflon stain guard protects upholstery from most cotton, nylon, and blends.

How often should stain protectors be applied?

Traffic varies with each situation since the biggest enemy of stain protectors is traffic. The re-application is suitable after 2-3 years or 2-3 cleaning sessions. Probably, the same conditions that led to the need for cleaning have led to the need to refresh the carpet protection.

Are carpet warranties affected by cleaning?

Carpet mills recommend Protector to maintain their warranties. Stain-blocking stain-resistant nylon fibres, such as Stain Master.

Why apply to Teflon Advanced

First, because Teflon upholstery and Carpet Protector provide an excellent service for Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry customers, it keeps the carpet looking better for longer.

Q. Will the fabric protector wash out? How long will it last?

A. Fabric protectors are applied to the fabric; therefore, they keep protecting the fabric wash after washing.

Q. How can fabric treatment with Teflon upholstery stain protection remain soft?

A. Teflon fabric protector is for fabrics, so it does not impact breathability or feel.

Q. Can I buy a spray can of fabric stain protector to treat my fabrics?

A. For upholstery, also carpets. Professional carpet cleaners can apply Teflon Advanced carpet & upholstery protectors.

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Stain Prevention

Carpet Upholstery Protector
Teflon Advanced Carpet Stain Protector
Upholstery Fabric Stain Protector

Furthermore, some stain protectors on the market focus more on preventing staining, including acid dye resistors. It helps ensure that the fruit juice or tomato sauce can’t dye your carpet a new and exciting hue. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry upholstery and carpet stain and soil protectors don’t bead up because the dye resistance means it could be better at repelling liquid. It is a fair tradeoff in most cases – depending on your needs.

Fabric Upholstery Stain Protector

Fabrics are treated to resist fighting off dry soil and nasty spills and splashes, allowing liquids to bead up and roll off.

Protectors from fluorochemicals repel oil and water-based spills well, so liquids will bead up instead of immediately soaking in. When a collapse remains at the surface, you have time to blot it up before gravity takes over and it gets through to the fibres. 

Stain Protector Types

So, how do you know which type of stain protector is best for your home? Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry recommends a Depont Teflon stain guard. A cleaner may support a specific protector or the other and can also check the condition of the current Protector to see if you need a new layer of Protector applied.

Products with Teflon fabric protectors, furthermore, require no special care. Follow the instructions to enjoy the best benefits of fabric protector for your carpet.

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Last Updated: 15 May 2024 By Graeme Stephens.

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