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These methamphetamine (Meth) cleaning tips are from Graeme Stephens, an IICRC 2001 Master Restoration Technician. To help you best care for your home and save on unnecessary replacement costs. For the meth cleaning experts, call 0800 783-266 or email Auckland Steam n Dry 1987.                   

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Meth P Cleaning and Remediation Services uses a world-famous superior truck mount cleaning system. It generates hot enough steam to remove meth with a full guarantee effectively. Both are used and recommended by the world’s most Professional Meth P Cleaning Experts. Also, USA Environmental Protection Agency preferred meth cleaning service contractors.

Email your test result to us, then answer 20 questions to receive your meth remediation recommendations quotation from the expert, Graeme Stephens, with over 36 years of restoration experience, including eight years of prioritising meth p cleaning service.

We usually expect to have your house finished within five days. Also, we will be as discreet as possible, with no signs, written vans, etc. We complete our retesting throughout. Thus, it helps ensure all areas are safely below the recommended health guidelines of 1.5 μg/100 cm2.

Meth P Lab Cleaning Process

If your home, vehicle, apartment, or warehouse has tested positive for methamphetamine in Auckland, call us on 0800 783-266 or email us. Certainly, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can successfully clean and decontaminate all hard surfaces for a lower price than many competitors. It is guaranteed to be below Auckland’s health standard recommended of 1.5 μg/100 cm. We can often do truck-mounted decontaminating of the carpet, curtains, and other soft furnishings. To start, vacate the building/house during the P cleaning process. Please ventilate the house 2-3 days after the P cleaning completion.

Experience the powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning extraction, and using the best-specialised meth house product such as Crystal Decon or Meth Remover foam. These are currently available in Auckland, New Zealand. Indeed, we can provide the best possible p cleaning service for you.

P Meth Cleaning Health Effects

Meth becomes the focus of the p user’s life. Often leads to the neglect of family, work, home, personal hygiene and safety, etc. 

Please call us to discuss your options. Also, this could include a meth test or an assessment of the structure. Call or email us to discuss your options if you suspect the property house has had p meth.

Why Is It Essential To Hire A Professional P Meth Cleaning Specialist?

Use a certified methamphetamine p cleaning in Auckland. Indeed, a cleanup service provider specialises in meth p decontamination and restoration.

Meth Remediation Information

Living in a former P Lab house or meth-contaminated property with contamination reading above the New Zealand guidelines is illegal. So, suppose a landlord, property manager, or realtor agent exposes tenants or new home buyers to meth contamination knowingly or without prior p testing. In that case, it can tell them to severe claims. It is according to the New Zealand Health and Safety Standards Drug Laws. Indeed, meth is a largely invisible problem gripping Auckland, New Zealand, from both rural areas to the high rises of Auckland City.

P Cleanup Auckland

First, have your meth P cleaning done by Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry—a professional company with experienced and honest technicians. We also provide meth testing services and effective meth remediation. Book your appointment at Auckland Steam n Dry, servicing North Shore, West, East, and South Auckland: Waikato, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty, Wellington, and New Zealand.


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