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About us. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry started in 1987 with Graeme Stephens. The company initially focused on servicing Japanese cars – frequently encountering vehicles that were heavily soiled and stained from years of exposure to air pollution.

He soon realised how challenging it was to clean up and restore them to their original condition. Many car interiors arrived at the workshop with oil-based black soot stains. However, using portable steam extraction units, Graeme effectively does restorative steam cleaning, targeting oil-based pollution and stubborn stains. Consequently, Graeme’s expertise and the knowledge he gained from this experience led to the expansion of the company’s services to include commercial and domestic upholstery and carpet cleaning in 1987.

About us. Read more below to learn about our history and how Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry became what we are today.

Largest Privately Owned Carpet Cleaning Company In Auckland

The reputation of Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry and its high importance for quality carpet cleaning, honesty, and integrity has made us the largest privately owned carpet cleaning business in New Zealand since 1987 – allowing us to have 35 triumphant years in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.

In comparison, we are recognised in the Auckland carpet cleaning industry as leaders in providing the best carpet cleaning. Therefore, we set many industry standards by offering our clients the best carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

About Us | State-of-the-Art Superior Truck-Mounted Cleaners

Generally, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry uses premium and powerful truck-mount units with the latest cleaning systems worldwide. The engineers of the company developed large truck-mount machines in 1996. These truck-mount machines are proven to be seven times better than the smaller portable units and about 20 times better than rental carpet cleaners and typical small truck-mounted units.

As a result, these hi-tech carpet cleaning units have provided us with a considerable advantage over other carpet cleaners.

97% of Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry surveyed clients were happy with the service showing our demand and growth.

We are also the only people making superior truck-mounted carpet cleaning units in Auckland, New Zealand.

Experience and Qualifications include: Graeme Stephens, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry owner, was certified in 2001 by the International Institute of Carpet Restoration and Cleaning as a “Master Restoration Technician”

About Us And Our History


This was when the carpet and upholstery cleaning business started. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry initially specialised in cleaning heavily stained carpets and upholstery inside newly imported Japanese vehicles that were soiled badly from years of air pollution in which portable steam extraction units were used in an attempt to clean them. 


This was when Graeme started getting serious about our family-owned business—working increasingly long hours, hiring extra staff, and expanding his services to more Auckland areas. This hard work led to a second loan. The loan was to purchase more extensive and better gear to handle the growing demand. Thus, vans and equipment were added to the road. Graeme started training with the international authorities in our industry, the IICRC, in carpet cleaning and flood restoration, which would continue to get more certification after that.

Graeme Stephens became the company’s full-time propitiatory flood restoration specialist technician.


Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry purchased its first truck mount cleaning unit from Farmer’s Carpet Cleaning Auckland. As a result, clients were thrilled with the better quality carpet cleaning. All our cleaning solutions were now the best available, including a natural citrus-based pre-spray.


We started improving and making the first superior truck mount carpet cleaners in Auckland due to popular demand. This was made possible with the help of a Canadian truck mount engineer. The company also employed a new truck mount carpet cleaner van each year.

These New Superior Truck-Mount Cleaning Units Use 80°C Hot Steam That Kills and Removes Coronaviruses, Bacteria, Dust Mites, Germs, and Pathogens. Also, disinfecting and sanitising services became a theme for good indoor health.


Because of the growing demand, Graeme purchased and moved into bigger, better factory premises at 12 Culperry Road, Glendene. As a result, new carpet drying hangers for flood drying were available to our clients. He also made large truck mount units easier for upholstery, carpet cleaning, and flood restoration services.

In addition, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry provided meth-p cleaning, biohazard clean-up, odour control, and mould removal services throughout North Shore, East, West, and South Auckland.


Graeme achieved the 2nd IICRC Master Restoration Technician in Auckland. Along with this high training, certification, and experience, Graeme video recorded detailed upholstery, carpet cleaning, stain removal, pest control, and flood restoration training tapes on our specialised services. He also spent over a year compiling and writing a better 200-page carpet cleaner manual.


Early in the year, Graeme hired a computer software developer and started developing a complete computerised administration system, giving administration staff streamlined booking processes and detailed reports. We began servicing in the Waikato region on RT contact.


We expanded throughout the North Island to provide a better service for NZ insurance key clients.


Adding two new big trucks meant better mobility of mass flooding carpet drying units. The customised Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry software development took two years.


Our property managers and clients began asking us more about meth P cleaning. So, after extensive research and development from the USA, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry started offering specialised quality p-cleaning decontamination services. Of course, we used our special truck mount gear—one of two companies providing this dedicated service.


Due to demand, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry updated our fleet with new vans. We were also importing two container loads of flood carpet drying equipment units


Graeme had now many years of experience in all aspects of our carpet cleaning and restoration services. He has continued to be the Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry flood restoration specialist since 1987. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has four loyal technicians (the core carpet cleaners and carpet repairs service members) who have been with us for over 20 years.


Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry takes immense pride in its quality expertise and extensive staff training whilst continuing to grow. Our dedicated team members have been an integral part of our company for over two decades, contributing to our vast wealth of experience in upholstery, carpet cleaning, flood restoration, and bio and allergen disinfection services. We are confident that our accumulated knowledge and skills in these areas are unparalleled in Auckland, New Zealand, as reflected by our growing recognition of customer feedback, including positive online reviews. Our reputation continues to strengthen and flourish.


Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is believed to have the best “Online Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service” reviews.

We now serve West Auckland, Central City CBD, North Shore, East, South Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast.  With over 35 years of hands-on experience in domestic and commercial carpet cleaning, Auckland Steam n Dry knows precisely how important it is for your health and well-being to live in a clean home. We are certified by the International Institute of Carpet Restorative Cleaning (IICRC) and other Certifications.

We now offer the following services:


On the 30 of January, mass flooding in Auckland resulted in The NZ Herald asking Graeme for an interview regarding the crisis, which appeared in an exclusive article on the New Zealand Herald’s front page.

Updated Last: 14 May 2024 By Graeme Stephens. 

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