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Flood Restoration & Carpet Drying Auckland Servicesdry carpet insurance

Since 1987 Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet has provided expert, specialised 24/7 emergency Auckland flood restoration services. Powerful truck-mounted water extraction & dry carpets services. Our team of flood specialists includes Graeme Stephens, probably the most experienced flood and carpet drying Auckland services technician. And an IICRC certified “Master Restoration Technician 2001 with over 33 years of water damage, flood restoration, and carpet drying Auckland experience.

24/7, One Hour Emergency Flood Restoration Service. Phone  0800 783-266   Toll-Free, or  for After Hours – Rose 021 287-5454 

5 Star Flood & Carpet Drying Service Reviews 

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Our Specialised Flood Restoration Processcarpet drying Auckland

A typical flood restoration emergency process would involve:

  1. One emergency flood call out, 24/7 Emergency Drying Carpet Service   Fast Flood Response Essential  
  2. Doing a moisture meter survey to find the water source & scope. Why is Specialised Flood Technician Vital?
  3. Moving furniture away from the affected area,
  4. Powerful water-extracting removal in Auckland.
  5. Lifting the carpet corners, maybe removing the wet underlay. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet
  6. Fitting carpet dryer(s) under the carpeting, underlay, and maybe other drying equipment depending on the scenario.
  7. Placing our Large commercial dehumidifiers hire units, to work in conjunction with the carpet dryers. Why is Fast Drying Crucial?
  8. Flood Insurance claim process, policy number, in going through Insurance. It’s Crucial to Properly Dry Carpets & Walls
  9. Service call, moisture meter testing, pick up dryers,  carpet laying.
  10. Carpet Cleaning, stain removal, deodourise, disinfect sanitisation. Mould Health Hazards
  11. Invoice for direct Insurance payment, any customer payment. Flood Carpet Drying FAQ

Flood Water Extraction Removalcarpet-drying-Auckland-service

When dealing with a burst pipe leak, washing machine overflow, rain flooded basement and flooded wet – carpet drying services. It is critical to immediately remove, extract the water and quickly dry the area to save your home or commercial premise. If the area is not entirely dried the built-up moisture will cause mould growth and rot damage in your walls, cavities, subflooring, carpet and underlay, creating an unhealthy building, so your families health will suffer. Dealing with mould damage can be expensive, so don’t let it start.

Our Specialised Auckland Flood & Carpet Drying Equipment

We will help you through the insurance process as your allies when you call us direct.

Flood, Carpet Drying Service Price List

Some operators advertise some price as cheap as Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood restoration and water damage service. However, the performance of items such as industrial dehumidifiers; is only around half the performance in comparison for the same price. We, therefore, suggest you compare the value per cost so that you can make an informed decision. We offer the best cheapest value for money flood restoration and carpet drying Auckland service. See below Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood service affordable value hire price (excluding GST)

Emergency Flood Service

Every minute you wait, the damage spreads. Additionally, the dampness of the wet carpet will soak into skirting boards, walls, subflooring, and furnishings. Within hours, you will likely have costly secondary damage and odour control contamination risks. As a result, this could cause mouldy wall cavities, coupled with a long-term musty-smelling home. Water damage flood remedial companies choosing to provide this structural and carpet drying service should be on call 24 hours a day. Seven days a week to avoid potential hidden mould growth behind the skirting board wall cavities. As is, Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood drying water damage specialists. Call us for a prompt carpet drying Auckland service.

Auckland Dry Carpet Service

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying water extraction and flood restoration specialists provides a one-hour emergency flood service, 24/7.  Most of all, we have specialised value considerable 90 – 115 litre per day capacity industrial dehumidifiers. Thus, believed to be the most effective dehumidifier carpet dryers in Auckland. Therefore, they promptly dry and best minimise the water damage. 

Another reason to book flood carpet drying quickly is to have expert professional flood drying advice immediately.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood drying service company has highly trained office staff, who can help. Most of them have over 20 years of flood restoration experience on-site flooding job experience. F good advice and services.

Our Auckland water extraction and carpet drying flood experts will help you quickly deal with a wet carpets flood to avoid hidden mould growth behind the skirting board wall cavities etc. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland flood specialists can deal directly with your insurance company. With over 32 years of experience in carpet drying Auckland, water damage repair, restoration industry. We would help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct. 

Weekly rental, the daily rent is $65 per day for the dehumidifier rent and $20 per day for the air mover blower rental. These prices exclude GST.

For less than three days, the day to day rent is $85 per day, which is for the dehumidifier rent and $35 per day for the air mover blower rental. These prices exclude GST.

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Air Mover Blower & Big Dehumidifier Hire

Moisture Probes.  Assess the flood damage, such as under the carpet, subflooring, and walls.

Moisture Meters (infrared). They are required to assess with the degree of moisture in walls and behind wall cavities where mould and mildew can start smelling. Mould removal decontamination may be necessary if there’s slower drying.

Industrial Dehumidifier.  Ask suppliers what their dehumidifier rental daily capacity vs. price is. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood restoration drying specialists large industrial dehumidifiers are 90 litres per day capacity, so, to promptly, thoroughly dry wet carpets, jib walls, building, underlay and shirting boards in Auckland, and, structure properly. As recommended by all the world’s largest carpet manufactures. Dehumidifier rental price is cheap at $75 + GST per day.

Air Mover Blower Dryers. For a fast carpet drying Auckland service, either, blow-dry under the carpeting and underlay, or, on top of the glued down carpeting after flooded water damage, to blow the moisture out of carpet into the air. Air mover blower, dryer hire price is a lot cheaper in comparison to $25 per day.

Structural Injector Dry. To dry the structure.e take your skirting boards off, and, therefore, drill holes behind the skirting boards, to enable this machine to dry behind the walls quickly—$ 99 per room.

How Long Will it Be Before the Carpet Drying is Complete?

D on many scenarios such as wet carpets, underlay, subfloor, skirting boards, walls, and structure. We use moisture meters to find, most of all, monitor the moisture in walls, etc., to ensure fast carpet drying Auckland wide. Avoiding potential hidden mould growth, such as behind the skirting board wall cavities. The general rule of the thumb timetable is:

Three days – Specifically, drying carpets only.

Four days – Underlay and carpet drying.

Five days – Subflooring, walls, underlay drying carpet, and perforated ceilings.

Seven days – For significantly affected structure, or, double stuck installations. (May need to injector drywall structure).

Service areas South Auckland, Eastern, North Shore, West Auckland, and Hibiscus Coast Rodney districts.

Why Dry Carpet Properly

It is crucial to allow the carpet drying to complete satisfactorily to below Auckland Council Moisture guidelines tested with a moisture meter.  If not dried properly, it will likely create a long-term unhealthy and musty mould smell from black mould growing within the building structure drying. Refer to use by the USA (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency recommendations. Black mould is very bad for health.   Also, wooden subfloor and structural root damage. The Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood restoration drying specialists have been Servicing North Shore, West Auckland, East, South Auckland City, Hibiscus Coast, and Rodney districts for over three decades. Helping to ensure that there’s no potential hidden mould growth such as behind the skirting board wall cavities. Back to Top

Professional Carpet Drying

The flood drying carpet technician should have lots of experience, also qualified to save you costs, and give you the best advice. Steam n Dry carpet drying Auckland service, flood restoration specialist. Graeme Stephens has, also, been our carpet drying Auckland specialist for over 30 years. Furthermore, a 2001 IICRC certified “Master Restoration Technician.”

By having proper carpet drying Auckland restoration knowledge, He should be able to assess the water damage flooding or leak source quickly and to secure the surrounding areas, from the often neglected secondary damage risks such as hazardous mould. Eight of Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood restoration drying specialists have a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning units. For superior water extraction of wet carpets, flood service technicians trained to international standards in “flood drying carpet.” Thus, it can be an out of sight problem, such as, behind walls.  So, you need to make sure your carpet drying Auckland service team can deal with it.

We can identify where different types of mould can strike.  Then deal with it to help ensure that there’s no risk of hidden mould growth, which is most at risk behind the skirting board and jib wall cavities.  Such as, with a damp basement leak problem. We would help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct.   

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Dry Carpet

Professional, proper air mover blower, fan dryers, and dehumidifiers are essential to avoid hidden mould growth, such as within jib wall cavities. Resulting in your carpeting rotting, so, rapidly prematurely breaking down without professional carpet drying Auckland.  We at Steam n Dry Carpet Drying Auckland service would generally do a truck mount / powerful water extraction, dehumidifier rental, and air mover blower, carpet dryers for a fast dry. Also, fungus and mould will smell terrible and affect breathing, so proper carpet and structural drying is required promptly.

See Auckland Steam n Dry flood Auckland reviews. We would help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct. Since 1987 Steam n Dry Carpet Drying Auckland service, have an expert flood restoration specialist team, using powerful water extraction of wet carpets. Our flood recovery service areas are West Auckland, North Shore, Eastern Bays, Hibiscus Coast Rodney districts, and South Auckland City.  

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Flood Health Hazards

The types of water that have affected the flood – The types of water are:

  • Clean Water (Category 1) Newly flooded uncontaminated water, so, does not pose health risks.
  • Grey (Category 2) This is water that is either three days old or not entirely clean; so, it poses some mould risk. Such as a dishwasher and washing machine water.
  • Black (Category 3) Contaminated water, which can contain pathogens. For example, sewage, toilet backflows, and seawater. In germ treated (We get rid of the bacteria).
  • An area of flooded carpet Auckland can be d dehumidifier rental, also, air mover blower, fan flood dryers.
  • The flood can have antimicrobial disinfectant, then cleaned again.  
  • Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaners use the best, largest superior truck mount steam carpet cleaning Auckland wide. Your carpets act as a big sinkhole. It filters everything, including the harmful germ, pests, pollution, also, smell odour. Which affects the indoor air quality which you and your family have to breathe. Back to Top
Why Use Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland Services

Steam n Dry Carpet Drying Auckland service is your one-stop-shop. We have all the gear. Therefore, we do it all—structural drying, water damage repairs, uplift, furthermore, and carpet relay repairs.

We are your ally when it comes to carpet drying Auckland restoration. Generally, they have drying gear, such as Industrial dehumidifier rentals, air mover blower fans, ozone units. Air scrubbers, flood dryers, also, water extractors.  All delivered and installed at your flood job site.

The advantages of dealing with the most significant flood restoration and carpet drying Auckland service company, is, as follows:

1. Most extensive Stock of carpet dryers. Steam n Dry carpets Auckland service has the most potent water extraction of wet carpets, the most extensive Stock of flood restoration equipment… 946 Air mover blower, fan dryers, 572 large Dehumidifiers, also, to 217 Wet Carpeting Hangers. Mostly in Auckland Steam n Dry’s carpet 60,00 square meter factory. We can handle 500 floods at one time.

2. Staff. We currently employ 29 professional staff. Including carpet layers, repair carpets, builders, carpet cleaning technicians. Certified water damage technicians – this amount of staff, therefore, enables us to respond to a flood emergency immediately. 

3. Complete Flood Service. Of course, this means less hassle for you. Steam n Dry Carpet  Auckland flood restoration service provides all your water extraction flood recovery, structural, or carpet drying needs.

4. Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpets Auckland wet carpets flood service. It is a full house water damage flood drying company. Servicing Auckland since 1987. We take pride in the excellent reputation. An honest, trained and experienced flooded carpet drying service in West Auckland, North Shore, South Auckland City, Eastern bays areas, and Hibiscus Coast Rodney districts.

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Flood & Carpet Drying FAQ

Do I call a Flood Restoration Expert First?

Answer: Your first obligation is to mitigate the damage. The best way to minimise the water damage is to get a flood restoration expert there ASAP. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet & flood restorations experts can usually be on site with an hour. After the water, damage mitigation has been priced and then commenced. You can then decide if you’re going to get Insurance to pay. Have peace of mind that you have help and an Allie throughout the water damage drying and remediation process.

Where does mould usually grow?

Answer: Mould tends to grow in warm, dry, and dark places. It can grow on just about any material. After water damage, mould often develops at the damage site, which may be behind walls or on a leaky pipe. However, airborne spores released by mould can travel throughout your home and cause outbreaks in other areas. The mould remediation and dehumidification are so necessary after a flood.

Do my carpets need to be Lifting? 

Answer: Carpeting that has an underlay should be lifted in corners to fit air mover blower, fan dryers under the carpets & underlay to dry the subflooring, especially relevant, behind skirting boards.

The plumber asked, Where is my crawlspace?

Answer: Your crawlspace is the area beneath your home where contractors access your plumbing and wiring systems. In the event of a leak or flood, gravity has the effect of drawing excess water down into the crawlspace. Since this area without sunlight, excess dampness can lead to mould growth.

Calling in a water damage expert from At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services is particularly crucial if your crawlspace is wet. A fast response is critical in mitigating structural damage and preventing mould growth.

Will the Subflooring and Walls Dry?

Answer: Steam n Dry Carpet Auckland uses large dehumidifier rental units that are powerful enough to draw out the moisture from hard surfaces. Such as walls, also, the subfloor concrete or wood.

What happens during the water damage restoration process?

Answer: When an AAt Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services, water damage technician arrives at your home, the first step will be stopping the source of the water damage. Your technician will then inspect the damage, test for mould growth, and create a remediation plan. This plan may involve water extraction, mould remediation, drying and dehumidification, basic cleanup, and structural repairs.

How long will it take to respond to my flood?

Flooded carpet, walls, and subflooring need urgent professional help to avoid unhealthy mould growth. Also, mitigate secondary damages.

Why are carpet dryers, air movers, and dehumidifiers used?

Answer: Water can be absorbed into the drywall, baseboards, sub-flooring when water damage occurs. Drying these surfaces requires high-velocity air mover carpet, dryer hire, blower fans. And commercial 90 litres per day capacity dehumidifier rental Auckland. Thus, to vastly accelerate the release of absorbed water into the air. It is necessary to place dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture to help protect property and create conditions for fast, efficient drying.

What is covered by your Insurance?

Major New Zealand insurance companies generally have two basic types of insurance policy coverage: Building policies cover everything typically is secured to your home building. Such as your home or building structure, walls, skirting boards, cabinetry, and fixed down carpets.

Content Insurance covers everything that isn’t attached to the building, such as furniture and personal belongings.

Can my wet furniture be salvaged?

Answer: Whether or not your furniture is salvageable will depend on its materials and the extent of the damage. The team at At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services will use the latest tools and techniques to restore your water-damaged furniture, documents, and other belongings.

Will the water stain be removed?

Answer: Yes in about 97% of flood the carpet staining is wholly removed

The flood repair guy said I shouldn’t use my hands to test if my possessions are wet. Why not?

Answer: The main reason is, so you don’t get electrocuted from wet areas. Even if an item appears to be dry, it may be moist enough to conduct a charge and shock you if touched.

Another reason is that feeling something is not a good indicator of how wet or dry it is. About 60 per cent of your body is composed of water, so a touch-test may not be valid. The technicians at At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services use moisture meters to determine if an item or area is dry accurately.

Doesn’t my homeowners build insurance policy cover flooding?

Answer: New Zealand homeowner’s insurance policies do cover flood remediation.

What should I do after finding a water leak?

Answer: Even a small water leak can cause significant damage to your home if left unaddressed. If you’ve noticed a leak, take these steps immediately:

  1. Switch off the water source, which is typically near your water meter.
  2. Use towels to contain the water and prevent it from spreading.
  3. If the water damage is extensive, temporarily disable your home’s power by switching off the electricity. Cables and appliances can become volatile when exposed to water, so do not enter a flooded room if it contains electrical devices.
  4. Move any water-damaged items to a dry place.
  5. Contact At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services to schedule an inspection from a water damage cleanup specialist. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency cleanup.

Can I get personal property insurance policy coverage as a renter?

Answer: You can get content insurance to cover the contents of your home, apartment, or business.

Why the smelly odour?

Answer: Most building materials absorb some degree of moisture. But when over 18% moisture, those materials begin to erode and release tiny organic compounds into the air.

This decay is an ongoing process that will continue until the water is allowed to escape or dry, which means the smell could linger for quite some time. The odour is essentially an indicator that your home needs some structural repair.

How do I know my wall cavities are correctly Dry?

Answer: Our moisture metres and infrared moisture resters read 4cm into surfaces. Therefore we can see when it is properly dry. Also, I know where to target the drying equipment.

Can I use my dehumidifier? 

Answer: small home dehumidifiers will not get the relative humidity low enough to draw the moisture out of walls, structure, flooring, and carpeting. Thus, it is to avoid hidden mould growth, such as within jib wall cavities.

How long will it take for my property to dry?

Answer: Each material in your home different. The type of content, the amount of moisture, and the amount of time the content got flooded will determine how long it takes to dry. Generally, 3-5 days is a rule of thumb. Three data for carpet lone, four days in there’s underlay and five days if the water has got within wall framing.

Another critical factor is the tools and techniques used to dry your materials. At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services, we can mitigate the overall damage and possibly salvage your belongings using dehumidification and other proven techniques.

Will my insurance policy cover – water damage?

Answer: Yes, your policy should cover your flood damage drying and repairs, assuming that the cause of the water damage is a covered peril. Of course, some extenuating circumstances may cause your insurance carrier to deny your claim—for instance, if the water damage occurred due to your negligence.

At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services, not only can we extract the water and repair the damage, but we can also help you file a claim with your insurance company.

If your home suffered water damage from a recent flood, pipe leak, or another cause, contact At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services and ask about our water damage restoration services.

Can I claim Insurance for my flooded home? 

Answer: You can if the flood water damage resulted from accidents and not caused by neglect. We would help you through the insurance process as your allies if you called us direct.

What are the most common causes of water damage?

Answer: There are numerous causes of water damage ranging from torrential rainstorms to pipe leaks. If your home has suffered water damage, you must identify the root cause of the problem to prevent similar issues from arising in the future. It’s so important to schedule a visit from a water damage cleanup expert who has the knowledge and tools to identify and fix the problem quickly.

How might a flood damage my home?

Answer: Repairing your home after a flood is more complicated than it might seem at first. If the water damage is extensive, your property may need extensive repairs to the foundation, framing, walls, and floors.

Mould growth can also damage your home after a flood. Mould flourishes in moist areas, so it’s a primary concern after any water damage. At Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Auckland flood services, our team can assist with water damage cleanup, dehumidification, and mould remediation. We can also help with restoring water-damaged possessions.

Will my carpets dry by itself?  

Answer: No. Carpeting particularly, with underlay sitting on a flat surface, cannot dry, without specialised air mover blower fan, carpet dryers installed correctly. Hence, there is no remaining hidden mould growth anywhere!

Is dehumidification necessary?

Answer: Yes. Most people associate water damage with severe floods and pipe leaks, but excess moisture in the air can be just as destructive as pooled water. Humid air can damage your walls, floors, furniture, and other structural components in your home. Dehumidification effectively reduces air moisture, thus mitigating damage to your home and preventing subsequent mould growth.

To ensure that you will not have any future unhealthy from long-term mould, mildew, or smell problems. Once the walls, structure, and carpet drying is complete, we do moisture tests. To dry below Auckland Council guidelines, upon completion.  

Our FDA Rated disinfectants Kill Corona Viruses, Bacteria Germs, & Mould Disinfecting Services

Thus, written by Graeme Stephens, and IICRC Certified Master Restoration Technician 2001 with over 32 years of Flood Restoration and carpet drying Auckland service experience.

Last Updated: 26 June 2020

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