Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Auckland

Our Large Superior Truck Mount Units, Give You, a 7 x Better Clean than Most Carpet Cleaners Can!

The Best Carpet Cleaning or its Free

Superior truck mount carpet cleaners are the largest, most effective, available carpet cleaning Auckland wide, also, New Zealand. First of all, citrus based, natural spray will emulsified the soil. Then, a high pressure, but, low water volume is sprayed into the carpets, then, immediately extracted out with a powerful vacuum.  Therefore, draws out the suspended soil and pathogens from your carpet, leaving your carpet cleaner and dry. Germs are killed, and, exhausted outside. Truck mount steam cleaners are world proven, as, the most superior method of carpet cleaning Auckland wide, also, in the world.  Furthermore, recommended by the world’s leading carpet manufacturers; Wool’s of NZ and Shaw to name a couple. You can, call or email, to book your superior truck mount carpet cleaning Auckland wide. You deserve a cleaner healthy home.

Un-Clean Carpet Health Risks

Your carpets, acts as, a big sink hole it filters harmful germ, pest, pollution, and smell which affects the indoor air quality which you, and , your family have to breath. This is, especially relevant, in Auckland where we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Indoor air quality expert Dr. Marilyn Black, and other healthy home specialist, conclude, that there is a clear link from dirty carpets to “sick home syndrome”.  As, once carpets look dirty its really filthy and a filthy carpet is a serious health risk in your home or work place. A clean carpet helps keep your family healthy, and, active every day.  Having a professional carpet cleaning will, in effect, remove those germs and improve your health.

Money Back Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaning guarantee to steam clean, your carpets or upholstery clean, to your, complete satisfaction at the agreed upon price. If you are not completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning Auckland wide service, we will:

Re clean any area or items to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are still not satisfied, with the, carpet steam clean results, our Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaners, will..

Refund your money. In the unlikely event of any damage caused by any of our Auckland carpet cleaners, we will…

Repair the damage at its expense, if the item cannot be repaired, therefore, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry cleaners will.

Rectify the upholstery or carpet cleaning problem.  By crediting you with the item’s present actual cash value toward a replacement. Much as, of a like kind, from a, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry cleaners source.

Carpet Cleaning Auckland wide Process

Dry Vacuum. We, first of all, recommend vacuum clean your carpets at least 2 times a week, between professional carpet cleaning. We will vacuum your carpets as required before the steam cleaners process.

Spray. We spray treat all of your carpet or upholstery, using a, natural citrus based cleaner solution.

Furniture Moving. We generally, move lounge suites and chairs as required. Auckland Steam n Dry, ask that, you have any small items and breakables before the steam cleaners process. We cannot move electronics and too heavy dressers, TV,beds.

Steam Cleaning. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaners, then, do the hot steam clean.  Using, either, truck mount or a portable unit, for apartment high risk. Capable of heating the water to maximum cleaning potential with a very powerful vacuum. Strong enough to leave your carpets close to dry after the carpet cleaners process. The truck mount carpet cleaning machine stays outside in the work vehicle, yet, the smaller portable unit comes inside.

Carpet Drying Time. Our cleaners use a superior upholstery & carpet cleaning units.  So carpets are dry in a matter of 1 to 6 hours depending on carpet type and the weather.

Spot Clean. Our professional cleaning service, will have a look at your carpets, and, stains before the steam cleaners process.  We’ll let you know the best opinion, what stains will clean out, also, what stain removal options are available.

Stain Removal. All Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry professional carpet cleaners, are fully trained and certified in stain removal, so, remove 95% of stains. We do, much as, carpet cleaning Auckland wide for insurance and property managers. Some hard to remove stains can leave a slight discoloration, after the stain removal process.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry.

Have been providing professional carpet cleaning Auckland wide, therefore, specializing in the following areas: Auckland City. CBD, North Shore, East, West and South Auckland for 30 years.

We have been provided the following services since 1987. Carpet drying, carpet cleaning, and stain removal. Pest control, upholstery cleaning, carpet repairs, also laying.  P cleaning, meth clean, therefore, P cleaning. House carpet clean, Sofa lounge suite cleaners.  Carpet cleaning Auckland, P clean, stain protector, also rug cleaning.