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Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs Auckland

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carpet repairs auckland

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry have been providing quality carpet repairs in Auckland since 1987. All our carpet repairs, and laying specialists have over 17 years of experience providing full time laying and carpet repairs Auckland wide. A 2001 IICRC certified “Master Restoration Technician”, furthermore, with over 30 years carpet repairs experience.

Carpet Stretching                                          Dry Carpet
Carpet Patching                                            Creaky Floor Repairs
Seam Fix Repairs                                         Carpet Laying Irremovable Bad Stain Repairs


Carpet Stretching

As carpet ages, in the long run, it loses some of its tension & stability. If it’s not stretched back soon, as a result, the pile sitting higher will, therefore, prematurely wear out. So, OSH NZ has been cracking down on these loose carpeted floor issues, as a result, of accident hazards humps present. We can stretch your carpeting back into shape, by trimming off any excess too. This is in accordance with Rug Institute (CRI).

We service North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City, our carpet repairers can provide you with a professional stretching quote.

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Carpet Patch Repair

Water from indoor pot plants without a suitable tray; results in, the surrounding carpeted floor to rot. This breaks down the carpets construction, also, harboring harmful fungus spores. We can, therefore, take some carpet from a less obvious location, such as a closet or the like. Thus exchanging carpet patch piece locations. Our carpet repair service technician’s can provide you with a professional patch carpet repair for $120 per patch. 

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Carpet fix

High wear areas can open previously fix joined carpet. This can also become a hazard if not professionally heat bonded and re-seamed back together properly. 

Heavy foot traffic either improper installation or poor quality seems like the cause of your split ream repair carpet needs. The repair calls for professional skills with special repair fix tools. You can have those curled-up edges safely tacked down in no time. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet repairs can, therefore, provide you with a professional carpets fix, and seam repair for $110 for the first repair. Additionally, each seam join fix at the same appointment, lowers in price. Repair carpet in North Shore, West, East, and, South Auckland City.

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Stain Repairs

For bad stains. Professional carpet stain removal can present you with a number of effective options. Such as: heat transfer, spot dyeing, color correction & carpets patching. Professional chemical removal of food, drinks dye, urine, rust, ink, pH burns, paint, oil, grease, vomit. Cleaning products, blood & ingrained traffic lanes etc if the stain removal and steam cleaning process is unsuccessful. In most scenarios, Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry repairers can provide you with a professional patch repair service for $120; each subsequent patch at the same appointment lowers in price too.

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Dry Carpet Flood

We have all the necessary equipment, such as, Dry Carpet driers for under the carpeting. To dry your flooded home to a healthy standard again. 

As well as Moisture testing,below Auckland Council guidelines upon completion. Thus in accordance with USA (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency.

Also large industrial dehumidifiers for a speedy dry down.  In fact, we also have a large carpet drying factory for hanging carpet. Furthermore, with carpet cleaners, repairers, and, layers Auckland Steam n Dry is your carpet repairs specialist! Insurance company approved in West, East, North Shore,South Auckland City.

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Creaky Floor Boards Repair

Sleep well – and don’t put up with those creaky floor boards any longer. We can uplift your carpets, professionally fix down floor boards with industrial screw guns. Then, we relay the carpet back in one convenient appointment. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet repairs can provide you with a professional creaky floors fix repair service for $59 per square meter (minimum call out fee applies). No more noisy floor boards!

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Carpet Layers Auckland

New & used carpet laying installation. Uplifting, Installation, relaying. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet layers can, therefore, provide you with a professional carpet laying Auckland service. For new laying $12 per square meter. For used laying for $15 (minimum call out fee applies). Laying carpet in North Shore, East, West, and, South Auckland City.

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Carpet Repairs Auckland

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is your local carpet repair service in Auckland.  We have, furthermore, been providing the following services since 1987.  Carpet repairs, laying, stretch, patch. See Auckland Steam n Dry’s carpet repair reviews. Servicing North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.  Repair alteration fix, burnt fibers, lifting, drying, commercial & home residential.  Creaky floors, layers, sewing, fix floor, install fit, also, other carpet repairing. 

This carpet repair guide is supplied by Graeme Stephens, a IICRC certified – 2001 Master Restoration Technician.  To help you make an informed decision for your carpet repair. For the professional carpet repairers, either, phone 0800 783-266, or email us Auckland Steam n Dry.

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