To Effectively Kill Fleas, there’s 2 Options:

Fleas can be a real problem in today’s world of pets inside with carpet, and upholstery. Often you need to get a precautionary fleas control treatment, sometimes you need a full kill flea cycle guaranteed combination treatment…

Precautionary Flea Control

For a precautionary flea control treatment, or at the start of a minor flea problem. We can, therefore, control fleas, using a specialized spray application using a combination of natural, also, synthetic pyrethrin’s which kills fleas.

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Kill Fleas Cycle Guaranteed

If there is already an existing problem with fleas, or, a flea infestation. We therefore, need more than a standard kill fleas control treatment. We need to break the flea breeding cycle. The only way to break the cycle is to do a effective, and, guaranteed combination of removing the egg,s also, most of the fleas.  Knowing that fleas die in over 80 Celsius water/steam. The most effective way to do this is using a powerful vacuum truck mount machine which uses over 80 Celsius steam, to first kill the fleas, and, remove as much as possible of the fleas eggs. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry uses powerful vacuum truck mounts which heats the steam up to 80 – 84 Celsius.  This is done as a first stage of the kill fleas control treatment. The compulsory specialized spray application is then used, using a combination of natural, and, synthetic pyrethrins’.

Flea Treatment of Premises

If you neglect to treat the pet’s environment (the home), you will miss more than 90% of the flea cycle — the eggs, larvae and pupae. If the pet spends time indoors, the interior of the home should also be kill flea treated treated every year, even before you find them. Before the kill flea treatment, the pet owner should:

  1. Remove all items, clothing, and storage from floors,  in closets and under beds. This is essential so that all areas will be accessible for the flea control treatment and /or carpet cleaning.
  2. Remove food, dishes, cover fish tanks.
  3. Wash, carpet clean or destroy all pet bedding.
  4. Vacuum! — vacuuming removes many of the eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home. After vacuuming, discard the vacuum bag in an outdoor rubbish container. This before the kill flea control treatment.