Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry offer a quality pest control service at affordable prices.   Our pest control Auckland service is generally more effective, particularly where carpet or fibers is involved.   As it can be incorporated into a powerful truck mount steam clean with steam hot enough to kill pests and removes eggs to more effectively break the cycle.

Pest Management
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Why Use Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Pest Control

Guaranteed results! “Your Health & Safety Is Paramount”

* Home and Work.
* 16 Service Vans.
* Certified and Uniformed Technicians.
* Approved Safe Applications.
* Pest Management Programs.
* Pest Control Guarantee.


Pest Control Service

Flea Control

We can provide the best flea treatment in Auckland, particularly if we first do our powerful truck mount steam clean.  Our steam is hot enough to kill and remove the flea and flea eggs.  Before the flea control treatment to kill the fleas begins.  We use both natural and synthetic spray. Guarantee.


Wasp Control

Our effective treatment of wasp control and the hive.

Cockroach Control

We use an effective combination of both cockroach control bait and a natural or synthetic pest control spray methods.  To best  stop the cockroach cycle. For infestation such as commercial food premise, a pest control maintenance program maybe required.  To effectively break the cockroach cycle with Guarantee.

Fly Control

We use both natural and synthetic fly control spray application to effectively repel and kill fly’s. Guaranteed.

Ant Control

We use both ant bait and t ant control spray methods to effectively pest control the ant problem.

Dust Mite Control

We can provide the best dust mite treatment in Auckland, particularly if we first do our . truck mount steam clean.  Our steam is hot and .enough to kill and remove the dust mites.  Removing the dust mite eggs before the . pest control dust mite mist treatment, to rid the dust mite begins.

Scabies Control

We can provide the best scabies treatment in Auckland, if we first do our  truck mount steam clean. Our steam is hot enough to kill, and remove the scabies, and the scabies eggs.  Before the specialized scabies insect pest control to kill the scabies begins.

Carpet Beetle Control

We can provide the best carpet beetle treatment in Auckland with our powerful truck mount steam clean, our steam is hot enough to kill and remove the carpet beetle.   The carpet beetle eggs before the specialized pesticide carpet beetle insect control to eliminate the carpet beetle begins.

Ask about Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry  offering you a guarantee for most of our pest control Auckland services for 3 months. 

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Pest Control Management

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry is a full pest control Auckland service company. The type of clients that we service are both commercial and home insect controllers.

Commercial insect control Auckland maintenance programs are important for health and safety of customers and staff.  To firstly pest control the insect then help insure the insects doesn’t reinfect again later.

We can provide a pest control certificate for commercial applications.

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Our Insect Control Promise

We promise to provide our valued customer with the best quality pest control Auckland service.   At the most competitive price available in Auckland.

  • We pledge to perform the service you contracted for in a professional, efficient, and courteous manner.
  • Our insect control Auckland technicians, will only use products that are tested and proven safe and effective.
  • When you engage Auckland  Steam ‘n’ Dry to perform a pest control service. We pledge to respect the sanctity of your home, office, institution or commercial facility.
  • We promise that every pest control service, that we perform will not only meet, but will exceed your expectations.

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Why Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Pest Control

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry for your insect Control Management.

  • Our company has more experience servicing Auckland pests controlling since 1987.
  • We have superior truck mount steam cleaning units that heats steam up hot enough to kill pests.
  • We are more knowledgeable in the pest control Auckland.
  • Our on-site inspections are thorough and complete.
  • Our pest control service technicians are professional and courteous.
  • We explain in clear, easy to understand language, how extensive the pests problem is.  What steps the customer can take to prevent insect re-infestation.
  • We respond to calls of assistance quickly and with dramatic results.
  • Our prices are the most competitive in Auckland.
  • Our  staff are trained in the most up to date methods of Integrated insect Management.

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