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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Auckland

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry upholstery cleaning uses steam hot enough to kill Dust Mites & Allergens. We the best superior upholstery cleaners in Auckland. upholstery cleaning aucklandAfter the citrus based spray has emulsified the soil. A high pressure but low water volume is injected into the upholstery, then extracted out with a strong vacuum which draws out the soil, also, germs from your upholstery leaving a cleaner and dryer finish. The pollutants are exhausted, and, filtered outside your home . Give us a call or email today to schedule your upholstery cleaning. You deserve a cleaner healthy home.

We Clean All Upholstery Fabrics

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry upholstery cleaners are highly trained professionals. We can clean all different fabric, including micro suede, leather as well as difficult to clean materials.   Such as jacquard, velvet, micro suede, and, Haitian cotton upholstery. Your furniture, mattress, curtains, furniture, lounge suite, couch, dinning chair, seat, sofa is cleaned using the safest upholstery cleaning Auckland.  So the Furniture cleaning method can best extend the life of your furniture.

For your drapery cleaning. The drapery fiber, fabric, and, construction are inspected to avoid shrinkage or damage allowing you to extend the life of your valuable curtains. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry upholstery cleaning specialists only use the most effective cleaning gear.  To remove dust mites, germs, therefore, allergens. Nothing is spared, when we deliver the best furniture cleaning service to our Auckland upholstery cleaning clients.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Kills Dust Mites

Various airborne particles may trigger allergies for sensitive children and adults.  Upholstery mattress, furthermore, curtains fibers hold dust, allergens, and, other particles.  Down in the furniture, mattress, curtains, furniture, couch, chair, seat, sofa fibers, therefore, out of the air. 

Like any air filter, your suite needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. The longer you let you go without a clean, the worse off your indoor air is. This means the air you are breathing the germs, and, allergens that can effect respiratory problems like Asthma. Upholstery cleaning Auckland with  truck mount machines that can use over 70 Celsius is best.  As the steam is hot enough to kill dust mites, also, other germs. Use a good furniture cleaning Auckland wide service.

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Un Clean Upholstery Health Risk

Your upholstery acts as a big sink hole it filters harmful germs, pests, pollution.  A smell which affects the indoor air quality which you and your family have to breath.  in Auckland where we spend 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air quality expert Dr. Marilyn Black, and, other healthy home specialists conclude that there is a clear link from dirty furniture to “sick home syndrome”.  As once a upholstery looks dirty its really filthy, as a result, a filthy lounge suite or couch is a serious health risk in your home or work place.

Having a regular professional steam clean upholstery will in effect remove those germs, and, improve your health. It will help keep you healthy, so, active every day. We will attempt to remove any  stains will also help keep your furniture looking new.  If you are looking for good upholstery cleaning Auckland service call us today at (09) 376 7007. We are sure you will be thrilled with the fantastic, clean furniture.

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Upholstery Cleaning Services

We specialize in handling any of the following type of furniture: couch suites, Dinning chairs, Sofas, Chairs, Armchairs, Recliners, Leather Furniture. By carefully following the upholstery cleaning Auckland  stain removal guide provided below.  You can greatly extend the lasting beauty of your home drapery, curtains, chairs, seats, suites,furniture, car, also, mattress.

A frequent deep clean of your furniture will ensure longer life of your favorite furniture.  Upholstery cleaning involves a variety of fabrics types. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry upholstery cleaners will be able to give you the required cleaner service. Any type of required fabric service can be provided by Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry furniture cleaners from simple to delicate fabrics.

Follow the simple guidelines below to keep all your upholstery furniture looking like new.

  1. To avoid fading, keep upholstery, mattress, couch, chair, seat, sofa home furniture away from direct sunlight. Vacuum as often as possible. Even if your home furniture has seen little use, first of all, the abrasive action of dirt and dust particles can wear the fibers of your chairs. For high use furniture,  therefore, it’s a good idea to frequently beat the cushions, and, then vacuum, so, rotate them.
  2. Damp-dust arms, also, headrest areas with a dry clean furniture cleaning solution to prevent body oil accumulation on the sofa.  Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide as to the type of upholstery cleaning solution to use.  Avoid placing newspapers directly on home dinning chairs, seat since ink will set, and is hard to remove. Never cover your furniture, mattress, curtains, furniture, lounge suite, dinning chair, seat, sofa home furniture with dark colored blankets, sheets etc, because the dyes can rub off onto fabric when dry or bleed when wet.
  3. Avoid the use of dyes, paints, inks, and, nail polishes around your lounge suite, dinning chair, seat, sofa fabric. Since, these substances alter color and will, therefore, stain. Never remove cushion covers for dry cleaners or machine washing, even though they have zips. Periodic professional upholstery cleaners will keep soil set from marring the beauty of the furniture in your home.

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Upholstery Stain Removal Tips

It’s important to act promptly but not to panic. Follow these guidelines to removal a spill, and, prevent a set in stain. Be prompt before a spill spreads or dries.

For liquid spills. 

Blot dry upholstery, furniture, couch, chair, seat, sofa lightly with a dry paper towel to start. Use a wet dry vacuum if you have. Use a fresh paper towel until no more liquid is absorbed. Mix a fabric clothes cleaner with water. Do a test spot on a hidden area of the furniture piece, blot,  DO NOT RUB! If residue remains call us.

For solid or semi solid spills. Such as foods. 

Gently lift the substance from the chair, seat, sofa with a spoon or dull knife, scraping carefully towards the center of the spill. Dry any wet residue.  Use a wet dry vacuum if you have.  If residue remains call the experts.

For solid or semi-solid spill. Such as foods. 

Gently lift the substance from the upholstery, sofa with a spoon or dull knife, scraping carefully toward the center of the spill. Dry any wet residue. If residue remains, see the stain removal guide. Always test water or a upholstery cleaning agent by applying to the same furniture, mattress, curtains, furniture fabric.  Do a test spot on a hidden back area of the upholstered piece.  Allow to dry then check its removed.

Apply water or a cleaning agent such as mix a fabric clothes cleaner with water.  In small doses to avoid spreading the stain or causing a ring. Blotting upholstery, couch, chair, seat, sofa with a dry paper towel to soak up the liquid after each clean. Never rub a fabric as it could damage the fibers, or, cause loss of color.  

To avoid water stain, use a fan or cool blow dryer. Dry from the outer edge of the area towards the center. If the stain persists, seek pro upholstery cleaning assistance. 

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