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Auckland carpet cleaning job

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services started back in 1987. The team has 36 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. We are using propitiatory truck mount carpet cleaning units. Our company is recognised and considered the market leader in New Zealand’s carpet cleaning job industry.

We provide a handy and comprehensive carpet cleaning job and training program. Earn up to $82,000 annually by running a truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit. Altogether, full job training is provided. An applicant is preferably a person with sales skills.

Carpet Cleaning Employment

The duty will be running a van-mounted machine for your carpet cleaning job. Generally, you only need to work on our hoses, hand tools, and cleaning solutions. Then, as listed below, you would do an average of four pre-scheduled jobs per day of the services.

Although, it will also require most carpet cleaning, good customer communication, and add-on sales effort for better wages.

Carpet Cleaning Job Requirements

First, Secure a full Driver’s License
Secondly, Communication skills
Next, Physically capable
And then have safe parking for the van
Lastly, a tidy personal appearance

In particular, we would prefer someone with customer service or previous carpet cleaning job experience. Furthermore, this person should be willing to meet new people, be conscientious, and, most importantly, someone who would be ready to deliver the end clients’ satisfaction.

Specialised Job Opportunity Services

Job Training Programs

Our comprehensive training program takes 5 – 6 days. To sum up, it is comprised of the following:

•Firstly, eight specialised training videos for each of the services.
• Secondly, a 200-page carpet cleaning employment manual.
• Third, two days on the field, carpet cleaning job practical experience.

The Carpet Cleaning Job

Once you have completed the Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Service job, a five-day comprehensive training program, you are issued a van and equipment. You’re, therefore, given approximately four appointments per day to complete, and each task takes 60 – 90 minutes, including travel time.

Job Pay

In past years, wages have ranged between $55,000 and $82,000 annually. Additionally, this is a performance-based contract commission. In other words, you have been rewarded for your effort and add-on sales effort.

There Are Two Wage Pay Methods

1. Hourly rate plus bonus commission

Regular happy clients and good online reviews are the #1 priority of ASD’s long-term survival strategy. In that case, a remedy is if scheduled wages and additional work are based on an hourly rate. Then, the cleaning results and efforts will likely be more timely. Also, the performance-based hourly wage hourly performance-based salary is insensitive to doing excellent jobs rather than rush ones.

We have already been trialling the hourly rate. Indeed, the hourly rate is more stable and easy to finance. This change would start on the 31st of August 2020 for existing techs. The hourly rate for scheduled work and extra work time would be rated on the following:

Indeed, the first thing to remember is to leave the add-on-commission bonus and an extra $10 ph for after-hours. That is to say, the hourly rate retainer will start with a range from $20 to $30 per hour based on a $1 rank per each of the below 10x Key Performance Indicators (KPI) ranking. The full-time lay repairer and portable guys will have rates of $3 higher, so $23 – $33 per hour.

Important Key Points:

  1. Company Code
  2. Van & Equipment Cleanliness
  3. Personal Appearance and Uniform
  4. Job Quality and Reviews
  5. Manner – With ASD management and Customers
  6. Self Sufficiency and Customer Communications
  7. Van & Equipment Maintenance Abilities
  8. Positive Team Role Model
  9. Reliability and Time Keeping
  10. Paperwork, Honesty, and Inventory Management

The rankings would be in 3rds up to 33.33 cents x 10 each from Mary, Rose, and me, the office management team. I get a lot of feedback and running commentary from Rose. Therefore, the first wage rank would be based on the year before 31st August performance. We will succeed with new wage reviews based on ranking every six months. However, this is done in increments to keep wages stable.

After-hours could be an additional $10 per hour. With these new incentives, I expect the hourly rate to go up over the six months of KPI improvements.

The ask-for and add-ons would remain the same, other than the below few changes:

  1. First, the Ask For an Add-on – additional work time is paid per hour, plus a commission bonus rate of 15% for ask-for and 25% for other work.
  2. Secondly, the price for the same job or solvent boost will be paid at the schedule, included in the hourly rate. Only the additional work services or processes should qualify as an add-on sale.
  3. The tech is paid an extra $10 per hour after-hours rate for after-hour emergencies and $50 for urgent calls.
  4. Lastly, suppose a tech gets the customer to copy and paste a review to the five links below. The tech is paid both hourly and commission rates for the jobs.

The commission varies depending on the following:

a. the type of work

b. the add-on sales

c. the work hours

d. the customer acquirement type

2. Contract Commission Pay Method

The contract commission rate ranges from 20% to 60% of completed work. Also, you can forecast your average wage. We give an average of 4 scheduled jobs per day. The average planned task is $150. Pay is, therefore, scheduled day $600. So, the average planned week is $3,000. As a result, if ordinary “add-on sales” are $500. The average charge is $150 per hour.

Carpet Cleaning Employment Contract Commission Pay

• 20% – 40% for pre-booked “scheduled work.”
• 30% – 60% for “add-on sales”, depending on the type of work

Job Summary

The carpet cleaning job wage depends on your motivation and “add-on” sales effort.

The wage is also automatically by our tailor-made computer software. As a result, our carpet cleaners’ job is broken down weekly, with each of your weekly detailed breakdown payslips.

Generally speaking, you still receive the usual IR12 wage benefits, such as 8% Holiday pay, statutory pay, Sick Pay and Accident Compensation.

Contact Us

Above all things, the best way to apply for this job is to email your CV and a cover page addressed to Graeme Stephens at Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services.

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