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Graeme and a helper came to clean all the carpets for our 200 sqm.
House, including all five bedrooms, living/dining area, family room, hallways (2x downstairs & upstairs), and all the stairs for us before we moved into our house.

Auckland Steam n Dry was swift. It took them about a little over an hour. Graeme offered to come back to do touch-ups after the movers moved all our things in. He returned to do a free touch-up about two weeks later; he re-cleaned all the high-traffic areas, so all the stairs after the movers came.
My daughter also poured three bottles of Elmer glue on new pet urine. He charged me $80 for the removal of the adhesive, also, pet urine. He cleaned out all he could see that day. Best of all, he came back for the 3rd time. Therefore, he took out the rest of the glue spots for free.

We had an excellent experience. 🙂 I’d recommend Steam n Dry as the top carpet cleaner. Also, he is very prompt, furthermore, professional. They work with high CRI Standards for SOA Solutions. I’d use him again when I need carpet cleaning and Auckland stain removal reviews.

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