Tina Lucas


Tina Lucas

Auckland Steam n Dry cleaned our carpet, Persian rugs, and couches in the family room; he cleaned the entire entranceway and half-bath marble. A large plant had been sitting in the entranceway, and the plant left a sizeable hard water stain, which Auckland Steam n Dry discovered when they moved the plant to clean the marble. Indeed, Auckland Steam n Dry follow the BSR/IICRC S210 Standard for Dimension Stone Maintenance and Restoration.

They got down on their knees and worked the stain out of the marble! After the entire marble floor was clean, Auckland Steam n Dry polished it; now, our carpeting, rugs, couches, and marble floor look excellent – thanks to Wayne Stanley. Comments: Everything was done with pride, also, professionalism. Our superb team and I would recommend it to anyone.

They were punctual, even professional. It’s amazing how clean they could get our tile entryway. It looked like it was brand new. They also did a lovely job on the steam cleaning. I can give them a high rug cleaning review.

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