Joyce Romine


Joyce Romine

The estimate was more than reasonable, especially given the quality of the job. Philip did advise that the area with the coffee stain may take longer to dry since he had to treat the area more than once. I am pleased and will contact these steam cleaners shortly to clean the main bedroom and bath since they work in high AS/NZS 3733:2018 standards, where I can guarantee quality service.

I had the carpets cleaned in two rooms and a carpeted staircase. Member Comments: I decided only to clean two rooms and see how the work went. Not only was the job well done, but the spots seemed to disappear in one-time cleanings. And only to come back when the carpet dried gone and has not come back. Hooray! The carpet dried more quickly than steam cleaning companies I have used before. Overall, I would call this a VERY GOOD job and will certainly use this company again.

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