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tile cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Cleaning floor grout can indeed make your grout look nicer and last much longer.

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Ceramic tile floors are one of the most popular flooring options nowadays. The durability of ceramic tile is unquestionable, but like all floors, they need care and cleaning.

The initial action to cleaning your tile floor is to make a good grout and tile cleaner. If you are trying to look for an easy way to do this which does not cost a lot of money. Then you can make a cleaning solution out of common household cleaning materials. First of all, you should make a paste out of vinegar and baking soda. You can also add some salt to it in case you want it to be a little bit more grainy. Grab a grout brush, then scrub the paste into the grout tiles. After a few minutes of scrubbing around the tiles. Check to see if the grout is clean, finally, through rinsing off a small section of it with water.

In the event it needs to be scrubbed for longer, keep scrubbing. Very often, you will be able to clean your entire bathroom floor in around 20-30 minutes. If nothing changes on your first try, you can clean it again, just let the vinegar and baking soda solution sit on the tile grout. As it sits there, it will pull out more dirt and grime which were trapped down inside of the tile. If it begins to dry, you can add a little bit more water to the paste which you already have down.  Scrub it once more, and, then dry it off completely with a towel or a mop.

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