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How Our Superior Powerful Truck Mounts do up to 10 x better Clean than Most
Our 70 oC Hot Steam Kills Dust Mites – Indoor Air Quality
Our Truck Mounts vs The Dry Chem/ Other Portable Units
Approximate Carpet Cleaners Performance Comparisons
Our Carpet Cleaning Process
Carpet Cleaning Guarantee


Our Superior Powerful Truck Mount Carpet Cleaners do up to 10 x Better Clean

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaners truck mounts are the largest most effective truck mount carpet cleaning machines in Auckland.  After our natural citrus based pre spray has emulsified the soil. A high pressure but low water volume steam is injected into the carpet them immediately extracted out with a huge powerful vacuum which draws out the suspended soil and pathogens out of you carpeting leaving a cleaner and far dryer finish. The pollutants are exhausted and filtered outside your home.  How To Choose a Good Carpet Cleaner

Truck mount steam cleaning is a world proven best carpet cleaning method as required by Wools of NZ, Dupont, Gofrey. Brenworth, Shaw, Tuftex, Queen, Cabin Crafts, Cou-ture, Queen, ShawMark, Statements, Sutton, TrustMark, Tuftex, & More

Our superior  truck mount carpet cleaners are achieving 26,000 hg of vacuum power, Up to 2000 PSI and 80 Degrees hot steam.  Most of our competition and commercial cleaners use approx 3,000 hg, 100psi, and other companies smaller truck mount units are lucky to reach 14,000hg of vacuum.  So your get the best carpet clean and value with Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry.

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Our Hot Steam Carpet Cleaning Kills Dust Mites – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Various airborne particles may trigger allergies for sensitive children and adults. Carpeting fibers hold dust, allergens and other particles down in the carpets and out of the air, even with the activity of children. The particles trapped in the carpeting then can be easily removed by adhering to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule that includes vacuum and periodic extraction carpet cleaning Auckland using truck mount cleaner so the germs and allergens are exhausted outside. Like any air filter, your carpets needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis. The longer you let you go without cleaning it, the worse off your indoor environment is. This means the air you are breathing is contaminated with germs and allergens and that can effect respiratory problems like Asthma

Cleaning your carpets with superior truck mount machines that can generate over 70 oC is best because the steam is hot enough to kill dust mites and other allergy causing pathogens. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaners use the most powerful superior cleaning machine in Auckland even NZ. We are the.dust mite cleaners.

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Truck Mounts vs Dry Chem/Other Portable Units Carpet Cleaners

Dry cleaners. Beware if a cleaner claiming the do dry chem, bonnet or encapsulation cleaning – Although all carpet cleaner use water in one way or another, carpet cleaner companies that do dry cleaners leave chemical re-soiling residues behind by pre spraying then trying to clean your carpets by a large towel.Its like trying to wash your hair with chemicals and a towel. It is not an effective cleaning result and is only suitable as an light clean

Portable steam cleaners. This is a more effective cleaner method. where after the citrus based pre spray has emulsified the soil. Steam water is injected into the carpeting then immediately extracted out with a vacuum. This is only suitable for high rise

Truck mount steam cleaners. After pre-spray has emulsified the soil. A high pressure but low water volume is injected into the carpeting then immediately extracted out with a powerful vacuum. There are many different types and sizes of truck mount cleaner units, This is the most effective carpet cleaning method in the world. Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has the most effective powerful vacuum in Auckland. Other Carpet Cleaners Leave Dirt and Re-soiling Residue Behind in your carpeting

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Approximate Carpet Cleaning Machine Performance Comparisons

Our Truck mount units550 psi1.5 – 2 Ltr per min22 – 28 hg75 – 84oC$30000-42000
Smaller Truck Mount400 psi1.5 – 2 Ltr per min10-14 hg50 – 65oC$15000-25000
Portable Electric Units200 psi1.5 – 2 Ltr per min2 – 3 hg30 – 55oC$1,000- 5,000

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process with Top Cleaners

  • Inspect your carpets to ensure the best cleaners method and results
  • Pre-treat spots and stain removal as necessary
  • Superior truck mounted cleaners machines steam clean with clear water to ensure that the cleaner solution and soil are removed along with the rinse water, leaving a clean, residue-free carpeting
  • Rake carpeting pile up after the cleaner to align fibers for even appearance
  • Re-treat spots and stain removal when necessary
  • Apply Teflon stain protection (when requested)
  • Move and replace furniture as required
  • We do not move large furniture such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, Tv, pianos, etc
  • Place coasters under furniture legs to protect carpets during the drying process.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has been using their superior powerful truck-mounted Steam ‘n’ Dry process to deliver excellent industrial cleaner and related services to residents of Auckland since 1987 with both home and commercial carpet cleaner. Its a deep clean. We often referred to as best cleaners Auckland.  We also provide expert Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning and carpet stain protection services

We offer environmentally friendly natural Citrus based cleaners pre-spray that are safe for kids & pets in Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaners 5-Step cleaners Process that get such good clearer reviews as per Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaners testimonials. Good for Berber cleaning

We may not be the cheapest carpet cleaners company in Auckland but Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry follows up after each job to make sure the customer is completely happy.

Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry offers a no-hassle 7-day guarantee. cleaning.estimate
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly come out and re-clean any area you are not happy with.
Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

For all other hours we also have an after hours emergency service.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Cleaners has proudly been providing the following professional cleaners services since 1987: stain removal, truck mount machines, portable units, steam extraction dry cleaners , rug, mat, wool, Berber, polypropylene, how to training, guides, hot water extraction, home commercial & domestic, non toxic, machine hire Auckland, professional, services, Teflon stain protector, franchise opportunities, aqua care, wall to wall,, deep clean, dry extraction cleaners Auckland wide.

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