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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Our Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Gives You a 7 x Better Clean

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry carpet cleaning truck mounts are the most effective truck mount carpet cleaning machines in Auckland.  First of all, the natural citrus based spray has emulsified the soil.  A high pressure but low volume hot steam is injected into the carpet.  Then immediately extracted out with a powerful vacuum which draws the suspended soil and pathogens out of your carpeting.  Leaving a cleaner, and far dryer finish. The pollutants are finally exhausted outside your home.  

Auckland Steam n Dry owner Graeme Stephens was certified by the IICRC as a “Master Restoration Technician: in 2001.  Graeme has 30 years carpet cleaning experience. Our powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning technology can steam clean and sanitize your carpet, area rugs, oriental rugs,ceramic tile floors, upholstered furniture, and more!

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry superior  truck mount carpet cleaners are achieving 26,000 hg of vacuum power. Up to 2000 PSI and 84 Degrees hot steam.  Most carpet  and commercial cleaners use 3,000 hg in addition to 100 psi. Other smaller truck mount units generally lucky to reach 14,000 hg of vacuum.  In conclusion, you get the best carpet clean and your satisfaction is guaranteed with Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry cleaners.

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Hot Steam Carpet Cleaning Kills Dust Mites 

Great for indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Various airborne particles may trigger allergies for sensitive children and adults. Carpeting fibers can hold dust and allergens so other particles down in the carpets out of the air even with the activity of children.

In fact, 30 Celsius water doubles the cleaning capacity in every 10 degrees Celsius. It doubles the cleaning effectiveness again.  Therefore, 75 Celsius steam is 3 times more effective clean than average hot tap water steam. That includes vacuum and periodic steam extraction carpet cleaning Auckland using truck mount carpet cleaner.  Germs, therefore, allergens exhausted outside.

Like any air filter, your carpets should be cleaned out on a regular basis. The longer you let it go without a carpets cleaning the worst off your indoor environment will be. Carpet cleaning with superior truck mount machines that can generate over 75 oC at the point of contact gives you a best result. It is because the steam is hot enough to kill dust mites, and, other allergy causing germs. We uses the superior carpet cleaners units in Auckland even NZ. This is the ideal dust mite control clean.

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Truck Mounts vs Dry or Portable Carpet Cleaning

For Dry cleaner, beware if a cleaner claiming they do dry chem, bonnet or encapsulation cleaning. Although all carpet cleaners use water in one way or another.  Carpet cleaning companies that do dry clean leave chemical re-soiling residues behind.  By spraying then trying to clean your carpets by a large towel. Its like trying to wash your hair with chemicals and a towel. It is not an effective cleaning result therefore it is only suitable as an light interim clean.

For portable steam cleaners, this is a more effective cleaner method. Where after the spray has emulsified the soil. This is only suitable for high rise or hard to reach areas.

Truck mount steam cleaners. After spray has emulsified the soil. There are many different types, and, sizes of truck mount cleaner units. This is the most effective carpet cleaning method in the world today.

Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Inspect your carpets to ensure the best cleaners method also results.

2. Treat spots also,stain removal as necessary.

3. Dry Vacuum.

4. Superior truck mounted steam cleaning extraction machines, remove the cleaner solution, and soil. Leaving carpet as dry as possible including flood clean up drying to Auckland Council guidelines.

5. Move in addition replace furniture as required

6. Rake carpeting pile up after the cleaner to align fibers for even appearance.

7. Re-treat spots also stain removal when necessary.

8. Apply Teflon stain protection (when requested)

9. We don’t move large heavy furniture.

10. Place coasters under furniture legs to protect carpets during the drying process.

Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry has been using superior powerful truck mount carpet cleaning units, used by USA (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency and recommended by worlds largest carpet manufactures, to deliver, an excellent clean carpet. We provide quality Carpet cleaning services since 1987. We serve both residential and commercial clients, with the same high standards and attention to detail. 

See the Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaning methods, also, cheap carpet cleaning. Servicing North Shore, East, West, and, South Auckland City.

We often referred to as the professional carpet cleaners in Auckland.  We also provide expert Persian Rug Carpet Cleaning, and, carpet stain protection services with guarantee.

This carpet cleaning information is provided by Graeme Stephens, a IICRC certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician.  So, you make an informed decision for your next carpet clean. For the expert carpet cleaners, either, call Auckland Steam n Dry on 0800 783-266, or email us.


Free Instant Online Quote and Booking