We Offer the Best Value Cleaning P Meth Service with full Guarantee in Auckland, and, New Zealand wide, here’s how.

Superior Meth P Cleaning Auckland

Auckland Steam n Dry uses world recommended superior powerful truck mounted steam cleaning P system. Therefore, uses a modified heating system of 95 Celsius hot steam at point of contact. As a result, safely removes the meth deep within porous surfaces. In addition, it exhausts the meth outside safely into the air and filter system.  This is considered the most important part of the P cleaning process.  Recommended by the EPA) Environmental Protection USA Agency, also, their expert meth P cleaners in USA.  This important part of the meth cleaning process, is often missed by most New Zealand meth cleaners Who, rather, only have very basic cheap gear, which  leaves residues and meth behind. Service areas North Shore, East, West and South Auckland City.

We can decontaminated soft furnishing, such as, carpet and curtains. The Auckland Steam n dry meth house P cleaning process, therefore, leaves the paint surface pores open.  In preparation for the meth clean foam, and, fog treatments.  Either, Crystal Clean or Meth remover. So, to best penetrate the into surface pores.  As a result, is a far better clean up retest results and dryer.

For more information on effective P cleaning gear or to receive a free Meth clean remediation recommendation, and, quotation. Please email your test results to us

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Meth Cleaning Reviews

From: Wendy xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxline.co.nz]
Sent: Friday, 20 May 2016 4:41 p.m.
To: Graeme Stephens
Cc: ‘MethSafe’
Subject: RE: Meth test results Palmerston Rd

Thanks Graeme

Appreciate the amazing job your staff have done. I could not recommend your company more and the technician more.

You have both honestly been amazing, and we can see how hard they have worked for us to get the p cleaning done as quickly as possible.

I will pop that in written letter to you in the near future, for you to use if you need it for marketing.

When I tried searching on google I didn’t see your name, it was a friend who did a lot of research for me who found your company, so maybe another p cleaning reference might help. That is if you want more meth cleaning work, you may not the way things are going with the frequency of this Meth problem.

Jess can you advise can you just do the quick composite test at our place or would it need to be the full and extremely expensive test as you recommended, and how long it will take for the results as we are living in a caravan in the driveway, and would really like access to the bathroom at least ASAP.

Thanks to you both.  Best Wishes  WENDY.   Sent from my iPhone

Meth Contaminated Body Corp Building

From: Gary Cashman <garycashman@icloud.com>
Date: 29 April 2016 at 20:14:51 NZST
To: xxxxxxxxxx

Subject: Re: Awesome news!

Hi Ron,

This is great news the units already done have come back with excellent results too, it seems we have finally found a capable meth cleaning company.   I just want to take a moment to thank you personally for all your hard work and ongoing dedication to this cause. Both Susan and I are very pleased with this new p cleaning company Auckland Steam n Dry, and test results and look forward to seeing this situation behind us.

Gary and Susan Cashman.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

——– Original message ——–

From: Ron & Marcelle Saxby <surplus4@xxxx>

Date: 29/04/16 19:53 (GMT+12:00)

To: ‘A whole building of tenants’

Subject: Awesome news!

Good evening everyone

Certainly one of the better Friday evenings for me!

Meth Test Results:

We have meth tested as all clear on the common areas of the Apartment!  Meth Tests were carried out from the small store in the basement entry …through to the ceiling on the upper level hallway …in certain situations there was trace evidence …but well under the MOH limit!  The actual written lab test result may be available later tonight …I will forward the results to you all.

Thank you:  A very special ‘thank you’ to Graeme and your team, your sense of responsibility has impressed me …your commitment and exceptionally hard p cleaning work is appreciated ….

Tomorrow:  I would appreciate it if as Owners you would put up your hand to help …we need to keep the place ventilated.It is suggested that the basement door to the garage be kept open for most of the day to get airflow through the building. The airflow will help dry the place out. It would also assist to open the fire doors and at times the main glass door to the main foyer. I understand the issue of fire doors …and fire …that is why I would like someone to monitor this and view it with some sense of responsibility.

Moving back: You can do so tonight if you wish!  Thank you for your patience … your grit to see it through and your compliance in this p cleaning undertaking. I know that it not over as yet …but we are well underway.

We now have just 2 units on the Upper …and 2 units on the lower level to be done …this of course excludes 32D which requires more meth cleaning attention, which we’ll also get Auckland Steam n Dry to take over from xx xxxxxxx.  I can now genuinely say…. Enjoy the day

Ron  027 xxxxxxxx

P Cleaning Google Reviews
 Lester Zonneveld
1 review

Very professional and easy to deal with. Fast and thorough service even though job was in Christchurch. Pleased with results. Would recommend for p cleaning and use again. Thanks.

1 review

This was a very stressful time for us. Thank you for all your extra help getting our property meth cleaning immediately before settlement. Your effort and communication means a lot and was highly appreciated. Look forward to moving on

Liam Taylor
2 reviews

Good passing results, thanks again for all your help, you guys have been so easy to deal with, and made this p cleaning process less of a headache than I thought it would be. It was great working with Dennis and his team.

 Mark Scobie
1 review

Very professional, prompt and friendly p cleaning service. Steam ‘n’ Dry helped make a bad situation less stressful. Thanks very much for your service.

Richard Beechey
Local Guide ・30 reviews・17 photos

Great service – very efficient and excellent meth test result – would highly recommend for p cleaning.

From: Wendy Haresnape [mailto:wendy@apxxxxx]

Meth P Cleaning Experience

Graeme Stephens, was certified by the IICRC, 2001 to the highest standard ,therefore, “Master Restoration Technician”.  With 30 years of p clean up experience. 7 years of those years prioritized on Meth remediation.

We have other meth cleaners, with more than 15 years experience each, in meth cleaning P. Furthermore, believed to be more qualified than anyone in Auckland or New Zealand. Including meth p cleaning experience in USA, for the government (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency and FEMA. New Zealand doesn’t have this kind of cleaning P training yet. Auckland Steam n Dry has serviced South Auckland City, North Shore, West Auckland,and, East since 1987.

Crystal P Cleaning Products

The use of the best most effective meth specialized cleaner products; Crystal Decon Clean or Meth Remover, currently available in the world. If applied correctly, therefore, gets into pores, draws out, also, neutralizes the meth before the crystal fogging, and, large air scrubbing process.

 Meth P Clean Guarantee 

In conclusion, using the best  truck mount gear, above product, also, experience.  We can, therefore, guarantee to clean up with our superior P cleaning process.  So, that all house areas below the NZ health guidelines. Hence, if a retest finds any areas not below guidelines. We will consequently, return and redo the applicable area without further charge. P Cleaning guaranty in North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.

For more information on our guarantee. Or, to receive a free Meth house, P cleaning remediation plan and quote.  In conclusion, email your test results.

Meth p testing to Auckland Council guidelines.

P Cleaning Process  

Basic Sample of recommendation.       

1.  Supply test, and, questions for clean up plan.

2.  Carpet and  Curtains. Either, disposal or  powerful truck mount cleaning P options.

3.  Dry cleaning. H 13 filter or truck mount extraction.

4.  Poly phosphate P Cleaning.

5. Truck mount hot steam clean – P cleaning in preparation for the meth treatment.

6.  Either, Crystal Clean Meth Remover p cleaning Foam treatments.

8. Fogging with Crystal Clean for hard to reach areas, and, attic spaces.

9.  Finally, Rinse P Clean.

10. Air Scrubbing Industrial Dehumidifier(s). 

11. Appliances options.  

12. Meth Testing. 

13.  5 – 15 page detailed Meth Cleansed Report Certificate.

See Auckland Steam n Dry’s feedback meth  P cleaning reviews.

Meth affects the indoor air quality which you, also, your family have to breath.

These p clean tips are provided from Graeme Stephens, a IICRC certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician.  To help you make informed p clean decisions for your home, furthermore, save on unnecessary replacement costs. For the the p clean experts, call 0800 783-266, or email us. P cleaning servicing North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.