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P Cleaning

We Offer the Best Value P Cleaning Meth Service with full Guarantee in Auckland, and, New Zealand wide, here’s how.

Meth P Cleaning

meth p cleaning


Auckland Steam n Dry uses world recommended superior powerful truck mounted P cleaning system. Therefore, uses a modified heating system of 95 Celsius hot steam at point of contact. As a result, safely removes the meth deep within porous surfaces. In addition, it exhausts the meth outside safely into the air and filter system.  This is considered the most important part of the methamphetamine cleaning P process.  Recommended by the EPA) Environmental Protection USA Agency, also, their expert meth P cleaners in USA.  This important part of the meth cleaning process, is often missed by most New Zealand meth cleaners Who, rather, only have very basic cheap gear, which  leaves residues and meth behind. Service areas North Shore, East, West and South Auckland City.

We can decontaminated soft furnishing, such as, carpet and curtains. The Auckland Steam n dry meth house cleaning process, therefore, leaves the paint surface pores open.  In preparation for the meth clean foam, and, fog treatments.  Either, Crystal Clean or Meth remover. So, to best penetrate the into surface pores.  As a result, is a far better clean up retest results and dryer.

For more information on effective P cleaning gear or to receive a free Methamphetamine clean remediation recommendation, and, quotation. Please email your test results to; meth-decon@steam-n-dry.co.nz

Meth P Cleaning Experience

Graeme Stephens, was certified by the IICRC, 2001 to the highest standard ,therefore, “Master Restoration Technician”.  With 30 years of clean up experience. 7 years of those years prioritized on Meth remediation.

We have other meth cleaners, with more than 15 years experience each, in meth cleaning P. Furthermore, believed to be more qualified than anyone in Auckland or New Zealand. Including meth cleaning experience in USA, for the government (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency and FEMA. New Zealand doesn’t have this kind of cleaning P training yet. Auckland Steam n Dry has serviced South Auckland City, North Shore, West Auckland,and, East since 1987.

Crystal P Cleaning Products

The use of the best most effective meth specialized cleaner products; Crystal Decon Clean or Meth Remover, currently available in the world. If applied correctly, therefore, gets into pores, draws out, also, neutralizes the meth before the crystal fogging, and, large air scrubbing process.

 Meth P Clean Guarantee 

In conclusion, using the best  truck mount gear, above product, also, experience.  We can, therefore, guarantee to clean up with our superior P cleaning process.  So, that all house areas below the NZ health guidelines. Hence, if a retest finds any areas not below guidelines. We will consequently, return and redo the applicable area without further charge. P Clean guaranty in North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.

For more information on our guarantee. Or, to receive a free Meth house, P clean remediation plan and quote.  In conclusion, email your test results.

Meth p testing to Auckland Council guidelines.

P Cleaning Process  

Basic Sample of recommendation.       

1.  Supply test, and, questions for clean up plan.

2.  Carpet and  Curtains. Either, disposal or  powerful truck mount cleaning P options.

3.  Dry cleaning. H 13 filter or truck mount extraction.

4.  Poly phosphate P Cleaning.

5. Truck mount hot steam clean – P cleaning in preparation for the meth treatment.

6.  Either, Crystal Decon Clean Foam or Apple Meth Remover treatments.

8. Fogging with Crystal Decon Clean Foam for hard to reach areas, and, attic spaces.

9.  Finally, Rinse P Clean.

10. Air Scrubbing Industrial Dehumidifier(s). 

11. Appliances options.  

12. Meth Testing. 

13.  5 – 15 page detailed Meth Cleansed Report Certificate.

See Auckland Steam n Dry’s feedback meth  P cleaning reviews.

Meth affects the indoor air quality which you, also, your family have to breath.

These p clean tips are provided from Graeme Stephens, a IICRC certified 2001 Master Restoration Technician.  To help you make informed p clean decisions for your home, furthermore, save on unnecessary replacement costs. For the the p clean experts, call 0800 783-266, or email Auckland Steam n Dry. Servicing North Shore, West, East, South Auckland City.

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